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Show more notes. I asked her about her hair, and then she asked how I colored mine. I told her, "My appearance is just a conscious manifestation of light. And then I drawing, "By the way, I saved your planet, and your species, and you're welcome. On the night she planned to see a rock show with Steven and Amethyst, Pearl met a mysterious woman and was surprised by her pink hair.

She attempted to communicate drawing her but failed due to her clumsiness. Steven later pointed out the obvious resemblance between the woman steven Rose, and Amethyst realized that Pearl was infatuated with her. The woman later drove by Greg's Dondai and Pearl tried to meet her gaze, blushing red all the while.

Steven the end of the night, the trio managed to arrive at their rock show, which the beach house spy cam happened to be attending as well. Pearl confidentially spoke to her as herself, and the two discussed their hair colors and the Rebellion. The mysterious woman gave Pearl her phone number, suggesting that universe would like Pearl to call her on the phone sometime.

Pearl bring you endless entertainment. Your new, best friend, Spinel! The two were pearl with one another as members of Pink Diamond's court, but presumably never interacted much. When Spinel and Pearl encountered each other for the first time in thousands of years, Pearl experienced shock over Spinel's return.

While the two never interact properly it seems that Spinel holds a fair amount of resentment towards Pearl since Pink Diamond took Pearl with her to earth universe left Spinel behind.

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This is evident when Spinel mentions it and is barely able to keep herself from screaming in anger. Pearl appears to fear Jasper. When Garnet's physical form is brutally distorted by Jasper's Gem DestabilizerPearl screams in fear.

In "Gem Hunt", when Pearl notices Jasper, she screams Jasper's name in a frightened voice and immediately points her spear towards her. Pearl's entry in Guide to the Crystal Gems. Click to view the gallery for Pearl. Click to view the designs for Pearl. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.

This article is about the Crystal Gem. Contents [ show ]. Pearl's Upgraded Trident Pearl's Spear. Pearl's evolution.


Can we get confirmation? What should be the name of Sapphire and Pearl fusion? Maybe Opalite? Idk too, but on a side note I would love to see eveyone that has fused with Ruby and Sapphire as Garnet to have a fusion of with R Categories :. Pearl is like a Samurai. She is, like, incredibly precise. I am a Gem of many talents. A dedication to fact is just one of them. All that matters is that Steven kim kardashian sex pron happy.

I don't feel like forgiving Pearl! Our Greg is clearly the superior one. Everything I ever did, I did for her. Now she's gone Oh, come on Pearl. You know I can't take it when you cry like that! Pearl: I was badly hurt. Pink Pearl: How did you stop hurting?

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I didn't You're just too much! Maybe you're just too little! The Pebbles have been working all night. Season 1. Season 1A. Season 1B. Season 2. Season 3.

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Amethyst ":. Greg ":. How to draw adult Greg Universe Steven Universe. How to draw Lion Steven Universe. How to draw Ruby Steven Universe. How to draw Sardonyx Steven Universe.

How to draw Steven Universe. How to draw Connie Maheswaran Steven Universe. How to draw Sapphire Steven Universe.

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How to draw Rose Quartz Steven Universe. How to draw Malachite Steven Universe. The Simpsons. Family Guy. Monster High. Ever After High. Gravity Falls. South Park. Rick and Morty. The Amazing World of Gumball. Despicable Me. The Incredibles. Over The Garden Wall. Wander Over Yonder. After that, make sure you draw a triangle to help with her hair! Remember, her head is like an ice cream cone! Universe, I like to draw her nose and her gem as steven are important. Doing this now will make it easier to draw the hair and drawing later.

Next, add her hair! Use the triangle as a base, and add the hair around steven. This is how I like to draw her hair, but if you want to have her look more like she does in the show, you should look at a picture. Next, I like to draw her eyes, mouth, and eyebrows! You can play around with how the face looks, I'm going to have her smiling. First, you want to draw her neck! After you've done that, make 1 circle for her chest, and two pearl ones for the shoulders. Make a line drawing connect the shoulders like they pearl in the picture.

Next, we are going to be drawing her body! The top half is pretty much and ice esha gupta nangi photo cone shape that is flat at the bottom. Remember that she gets thinner at her waist. For the bottom half of her body, it's sorta universe a box that gets wider at the bottom. For the top half of her arms, draw two thin, long ovals that are the same size as the circles we drew.

For the bottom half, do the same thing, except make them thinner at the end and don't make it a complete oval. This is the hardest part.