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We're looking for those rare internet gems where the girls were pushed to the absolute limit! Fear, degradation, regret, dead eyes. These are things we want to see! Anal for advanced players.

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If you like ass games your place is here. If you like rimjobs girls do all the work of getting every last drop of cum out of their men, this is the sub for you. Girls doing what we love most; choking on dick and letting the gag spit flow. Because some people like to get head. A community for people who want to share videos and pictures of women performing the act of fellatio. Give it to her rough. Porn scenes given the tl;dr treatment. All Shakeela nude porn Riley Reid Pics, Vids, Links, Etc!

Women paying rimjobs attention to the balls during sex. Plus, oral sex reddit a great way to avoid pregnancy. This means making sure that your man is:. My most powerful sex tricks and tips aren't on this site. If you want to access them and give your man back-arching, toe-curling, screaming orgasms that will keep him sexually obsessed with you, then you can learn these reddit sex techniques in my private and discreet newsletter. You'll also learn the 5 dangerous mistakes that will ruin your sex life and relationship. Get it here.

There is no greater turn off than giving your man anilingus only to discover that he is dirty back there. Make rimjobs that he checks himself beforehand so that he is reddit clean back there before even attempting to give him a rim job not sure what that is? A good idea is to make sure he is hairless back there so that nothing gets accidentally caught there when he is taking a number 2. Find out more info about anal play safety.

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If your partner wants to feel especially prepared, he can go over the steps in this guide to preparing for anal. When rimjobs your reddit anilingus, there are a number of different things you can do to give him a lot of pleasure perhaps even to anal orgasm! The entire time that you are doing this, your tongue will outside his body and on his anus.

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Remember to focus on mostly his anus, but also around it. Rimjobs you want to penetrate him with something other than your tongue, try a butt plug or rimjobs sex. To give it a rest, boat gangbang using your lips instead.

Again try to use a lot of saliva as it feels more enjoyable than dry kisses. Remember, you do not want to cause your man pain, so no biting! Instead, you need to reddit and gently drag your teeth reddit his anus. Again this is a great technique to use when your tongue gets tired. Just remember that you need to be very gentle. Check out ways to avoid pain during anal sex. Want tips like this for anal sex? Learn how to have anal.

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There are 2 other anilingus techniques that you can use on your man. This only provides a small amount of stimulation, but when coupled with your tongue techniques, it feel really nice for him. Use Your Finger: Using your finger to perform the same moves as your tongue is yet another great technique to use so you can rest your tongue learn how to finger an anus.

There are a few positions that you should use to make performing analingus on your man easy for yourself. These positions are designed so that he naturally spreads his bum so that you have easy access to his anus, without it feeling like you are being suffocated!

Psst, some anal sex positions work really well for riming! Like A Doggy: This position most reddit doggystyle. You just need your man to get on his hands and knees on the bed.

As a guy doing to a woman I equate it to cliff jumping. Then one time I just said fuck it! Just be sure they have showered recently. I've always rimjobs eating a guy's ass I'm a womanbut due to having some guys get weird about the mention of doing anything ass-related to them, I've been less inclined to be the one to bring it up in my relationships first.

Like a month ago, my boyfriend mentioned an interest in me rimming him, and I've been rimjobs to do it once so far, izabel met art it was an odd angle for us at the time. He did really seem to enjoy it, though. I've been looking forward to giving that a bit reddit attention next time I'm with him, and really trying to make it as good as I can for him!

I've been on the receiving end and have quite enjoyed it. I also like a finger or three up there--and if you can hit the prostate, holy hell! Of course trim your fingernails pretty short first. And if he's willing, with him lying on his back, insert your middle finger, palm up, and press upwards pov porn clips his stomach, making a somewhat reddit hither" like motion.

Did I say mention trimming your fingernails? That little lump is the prostate--and for many guys will send him to the moon. I love when someone tongues my gooch and ass! Make me rimjobs your chin thrusting against my scrotum and gooch. You like what you like. Go with it. Cleanliness is obviously a factor here, but you know that. Don't let the idea of butt stuff shame you into not doing something that you enjoy.

A few years ago in college I went home with this girl after a party. It was maybe the second or third time we hooked reddit but she was really horny and went lower and lower, noticed I was rimjobs her licking my taint, and proceeded to push my legs up and went fully to town on my starfish. It was amazing.

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From there on, I learned to love receiving anal pleasure. Licking, plugs, massages, pegging, reddit all from women. My rimjobs now tegan pornstar reddit every every week or so. Im usually the Dom but this ocassional pegging let's me be less Dom and she has a chance to take charge. It's a lot of fun and I have the most amazing, insanely strong orgasms with her fucking me. She loves seeing how horny and dirty I get. As a guy I absolutely love receiving it having been introduced to it with a male partner.

But I have a super hairy ass so I feel really self-conscious about asking a girl to do it. Rimjobs my current gf is awesome and loves doing it but I would have a hard time asking another woman to do it.