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The season contains four musical themes: two openings and endings. The first ending theme, "Spinning World" by Diana Garnetis used from episode to From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Season 19 Cover. List of Naruto: Shippuden episodes. While Sakura Haruno recovers Naruto UzumakiTsunade rock one of her memories about her, the new Kazekage Gaara lee siblings starting the new Chunin Exams for mom footjob ninja students.

After arranging the exams to first begin at the Leaf Village and end at the Sand, Tsunade sends out the ANBU to deliver invitations to the all Kages, but they refuse to have their villagers take part in the exams. Though they kept secrets about his death, Konan tells Pain that the Leaf and Sand had started the exams, and sends Team Ajisai to attend. While the team wait in line for the first exam, Konohamaru tells Neji that Naruto will not attend the new exams during training, while Ino, Choji, Sakura, Team 8 and Guy did.

As hosts, Shikamaru and Temari tell both separated genins in three rooms that anyone who scores over points on the shira minute writing test will fail. As the genin at each room deduce the test, Sakura and Neji learn that each team can earn points as max limit in order to pass the exam.

Not fighting at the first exam, Neji uses Byakugan on the wall to contact his friends and successfully pass the exam, before it ends. As the man sends a bird with the letter to the Sand, Shikamaru and Temari send all teams to race all the way there for the second exam. One night, Temari defeats a self-destructing masked figure to save Kankuro.

The next day, Gaara asks them to continue the second exam, while Asuma and Yuhi disqualify some Leaf Genin for with Fu attempting to make friends. Kakashi escapes from the Hidden Rain and tells Tsunade that he failed to capture Hanzo.

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Fu kills a giant scorpion to save Choji, Sakura and Ino. The next morning, the second exam begins with Temari instructing all teams to bring the Earth and Heaven scrolls to the center base. Shira tells Sen and Yome that he fought with Gaara at the center base. As Asuma and Yuhi watch all genins heading into the Demon Desert. Tsunade assigns Guy to protect Gaara upon after knowing that the assassins will hunt him.

Pinay fakes the desert, Team Guy sets their strategy to counter their opponents, but senses an illusion and braks free from the genjutsu. Entering the exams, his team was split into different rooms, with him being placed in room one. Shikamaru Naraas proctor, explained the goal of the written test on a monitor. However, a preliminary round had to be held to lessen the many participants there were.

The preliminary round involved a race to Suna where only the first 30 teams to arrive at the destination would qualify for the second phase.

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Ultimately, his team were among the first 30 teams to make it. The night of the arrival, when the genin got into a brawl during dinner, he was easily able to stop a direct attack from Rock Lee. Afterwards, he was confronted by Lee, who deemed him as a worthy shinobi after their brief altercation.

The next day, the second exam proctor, Temariannounced the start of the second round taken place within Demon Desert. With his team, he was able to keep all strong enemy teams from approaching. Eventually, Handjob cum on tits and his team confronted Team Guy as they viewed them as the strongest rivalling team. Afterwards, Shira's team went to talk with the other Suna-nin on how to move against the remaining enemy teams. The other Suna-nin however betrayed Shira's team and attacked them, viewing them as weak and easy targets to advance through.

As Shira began spread legs gif shira team with his body, Team Guy returned and quickly forced the other Suna-nin to retreat. While Yome began healing Shira, he asked Team Guy why they had saved them, to which lee Konoha-nin explained that they felt compelled to save them from their treacherous allies. As Neji asked Shira why his fellow Suna-nin would do such a thing, it was explained that they had no respect for him as a ninja from which Lee deduced that Shira, like himself, was unable to use either ninjutsu or genjutsu and was ridiculed for it.

Recognising Shira's greater struggles than his own, Lee angrily went after the other Suna-nin to make them atone. Lee's teammates soon caught up with the overzealous Lee and saved him from the Suna-nin's group assault.

As Lee's team left them prime to defeat, when Shira's team arrived, Shira begged rock Konoha-nin to leave them be. He insisted that their distaste of him is his own fault for the person he is right now.

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After Lee and his team agreed, Shira offered his scroll to one of the Suna-nin teams as they technically defeated his team earlier. As Shira's words finally reached the lee Suna-nin, they declined and instead gave Shira's team and Lee's team their own respective scrolls as they lost this battle.

After the Suna-nin left, determined like Shira to prove themselves by finding more scrolls, Shira agreed to Lee's request to have a one-on-one battle.

Quickly the two taijutsu specialists proved themselves equal in raw speed and skill, toph feet Neji noted Shira had a slight advantage with his more solid built and by extension greater raw strength. As Lee attempted to use the Eight Gates on Shira, he found it impossible as Shira already anticipated this, having struck Lee's pressure points rock prevent this.

As Lee began changing tactics from Might Guy 's teachings, manipulating how Shira would move, he began to drive Shira back. Ultimately, Shira thanked Lee, noting it was because of him that Shira himself became a ninja. Lee however insisted that it truly was Shira's own determination being recognised. Deciding he wants to face Lee at his best, Shira struck Lee's pressure points again to remove the block, letting Lee use the Eight Gates.

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As the two augmented fighters began clashing at rock intensity, Shira's previous wounds opened, prompting Lee to call off the fight. Lee wished Shira luck, acknowledging their new friendship. On the final day of the exam, seeing as his team had shira to find a matching set of scrolls, Shira's team decided to accept defeat and were glad to make it this far. They were then approached by Matsuri. Being a former clipa age com and fellow promoter of Gaara like Shira, she wished to battle him with no desire of obtaining their scroll.

He gladly accepted and ultimately won the battle. Shira and his team then went to the main building to wait for the second exam's conclusion. Instead, it was decided by Gaara that a report on each participant would lee sent to their respective village leader for them to decide if they would be promoted. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Category : Characters. Ray Chase.