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With just that small snapshot, you are able to see how their lives converge and diverge across the decades.

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Henry Eric Bana has a genetic mutation that causes him to spontaneously travel through time — including to moments in his her childhood, so, by the moment they meet for the first time, she's already met him. For love helps them keep it all straight, even when he leaves her for long periods of time. Gif you prefer your romances to be of the Richard Gere variety, Ugly milf anal in Rodanthe provides his romantic on-screen pairing with Diane Lane.

Based on a novel by Nicholas Sparksthis film follows a man and woman as they're holed up in an inn during a hurricane. Before the inevitable sequel comes outbrush up on the tragic love story of Holly Hilary Swank and Gerard Butler. After Gerry dies of a brain tumor, it's revealed that he's left naughtyamerlca to be delivered to Holly after his death — messages that help her move on and set her off on a path to her new future.

It's a star-crossed romance set to the music of the Beatles.

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Julia Taymor, known for her stunning visuals she also did the Broadway adaptation of The Lion Kingdirects. Netflix must have a soft spot for romances with a time-travel element. In this one, an architect and a person dwelling in an unusual lakeside house start exchanging letters — and realize they're living two years apart. Can their love catch up to them?

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