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Sonic vs Rule 34

There are currently pokemon. So thats fucks per one breed assuming they don't fuck themselves. But seeing how there is some cross over Im lost on the math on the total images needed to complete. Are you operating with the series breeding system in mind? Because that would invalidate many pairings. Many Pokemon are sexually incompatible species.

If you wanted to have Pokeporn of all pokemon with one of every pokemon one time, you would need pictures.

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For the originalyou would need only I was talking about egg groups i. Similar to how Mr Hands died after being fucked by a horse. I could be wrong about this but isn't a lot of pokeporn solo shots?

I'm sure you'll find some pairings but I bet most of the porn you would run across would only have one pokemon in it. To make it even more fun, let's do the math for every generation.

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Okay, so we're going with 2 partners and only gen I pokemon? Which would probably be considered btwthen that's simple:. Bulbasaur has pairings, since Bulbasaur x Bulbasaur is a unique pairing.

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Ivysaur hasbecause we already partnered it with Bulbasaur. Pokeporn continue onto mew, which has one remaining unique partner, itself. Add them up rule you get Now, if you include all canon Pokemon as of Gen VI, not including variations, fusions, mega-evolutions, battleable non-pokemon, glitch Pokemon, etc, there are So, for the current Pokemon, the number of partnerships goes up to This is part 2.

These are some annotated notes I was going teen 8 xnxx write up into a more legible format, but due to the mental trauma I've sustained and the fact I've wasted too much time on this already, you'll need to deal with it.

Every Pokemon must have at least pictures, for pairings.

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New Pokemon dominate pairings with old Pokemon? Maybe images aren't actually sexual? Maybe only Doduo on its own? Dusknoir 1?

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Gardevoir 1? Mienshao 1? Darmanitan 1? Mismagius 1? Report an ad? Name Password Create Account. Prev Index Next. Friends of Paheal List New to Paheal? I would post them on the reg site, but i figured i might get banned, so I'll let the NSFW to decide, and the audience is satisfied. But let ur girl know that they're just stories.

Well I hope I didn't cause you damage that badly. I'm sorry If I did. You'll fucking laugh.

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And I'm on works of posting 2 more stories. AoG for President of the World!! I promise he will put George W. Bush to shame! Click image to enlarge.

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Napoleon Ier wrote: You people need to grow up to be honest.