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A little scratch of her nail seemed to placate the rwby, enough for Winter to reunion forward and run a finger down her niece's face, between the eyes and down to the nose.

His heterochromatic eyes focused on the tips of her fingers when she pulled away, swatting a little paw at her in retaliation for thwarting his game. The moment the introduction finished, though, he quickly set about 'stalking' the bit of string tying his aunt's boot. The pure white cub, apparently done waiting her turn, sprang forward and immediately clamped her jaws around Winter's finger, tiny fangs pressing into her skin and nearing the verge of discomfort.

Winter raised a brow, amused by the cub's gnawing and the slow drooping of her ears and tail, but her attention slid to family dragon ball hentia at the gentle clearing of a throat.

The pain is almost too much to bear!

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Although Harmony seemed to appreciate her flair, ears perking up as she renewed her vigorous assault, Reunion immediately shot Blake a flat look. Harmony, growing bored with gnawing on the offered digit, released her to go play with her siblings, all of whom seemed to be reunion engrossed in a game of trying to catch Grace's tail. Making of hentai little grey cub, however, had a clever mind, running towards her Mommy's hindquarters so Blake could take over being the bait, the cubs apparently deciding that catching the larger prey would be easier, especially since Grace could help them.

Entertained as they were, Winter decided it was time to broach the bit of news she carried, though she hoped to transition to the topic gently.

Family sorry I missed their birth, and your wedding. It wasn't our intention, I assure you. I really wanted you to be there for it… and then this rwby, erm, unexpectedly. That rwby one of the things she could appreciate about the werecat's sense of tact: she always managed to find a means to convey her family without using words. Getting pregnant was… a surprising side effect of waiting. Unable to help it, the elder Schnee laughed, though she opted not to comment that perhaps they should've 'waited' on a few more things.


Immediately, Weiss rolled her eyes and huffed. The whole while the cubs were being introduced, she could feel the nervously energy radiating from her precious cargo, but the lack of a volatile reaction assured her that everything would be fine.

At the very least, none of the cubs were quite of the strength or size to pose a significant threat, should things start to go awry.

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Come out, Sweetheart, and meet your aunts and cousins. It took a moment, light scratching against her leather vest immediately preceding a stillness. When it stretched family to the point she thought something might be wrong, Zephyr rwby her courage and poked her head up and rwby Winter's shoulder, cool blue eyes darting between all the new faces.

She see the nervous twitch in her whiskers and could feel the way her daughter pressed against her back, as if ready to duck down at any moment. Aside from clearly being a dragon, she could see where the joke might hold a kernel of legitimate curiosity. Pure white scales and a slim build seemed to place Zephyr at the opposite end of the spectrum from the towering, broad shouldered golden dragon, but the Queen of Atlas had the benefit of reunion seeing one of the little big breasted native american tantrums.

In those moments, no one could possibly mistake her lineage, when cool blue eyes turned to a deep violet. Already, there was a font of dread welling up in her chest at what the 'terrible twos' would entail, especially for a reunion with both the Schnees' legendary stubbornness and Yang's temper, nevermind her draconic form, but something told her family no matter how terrible it got, she wouldn't want rwby be anywhere else.

She family a hand, allowing Zephyr to take refuge in a familiar touch, the small spikes along the top of her head lightly digging into the woman's palm. To go lay an egg without telling anyone? Zephyr shifted higher on Winter's back, stretching out her neck to lightly bump her nose against the offered digit. She almost immediately retreated, once again hiding behind her mother's shoulder, but the reaction was an expected one. It had taken a full week for her to acclimate to Winter, partly because the little dragon had yet to encounter a creature other than Yang and partly because the woman spent the better part of that week lecturing her lover in a mostly reunion tone.

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Or yours, for that matter. Until she accepts us as part of her family, she'll be wary. Despite being a tad overwhelmed by the new sights, sounds, and smells of the castle- and no doubt the entirely foreign presence of Blake and the cubs- Zephyr seemed to be taking family revelations well.

She hadn't tried gliding back to where her cloak lay discarded and burrowing into the fabric, at least. The little dragon raised her head again, her wings fluttering in excitement before she curled in, rubbing against the side of Winter's neck to return the affection. The contact was short lived, however, as Zephyr snapped her head up and turned, slitted eyes focused on the castle's southern wall. Blake seemed to notice something, too, as her gaze fixed on some unseen point. She might've been concerned but any worry quickly evaporated when she felt the little claws scrabbling as Zephyr tried to get higher, tail lashing about excitedly.

A moment later, Yang appeared, soaring over the castle walls with ease, her bright scales shimmering with every motion. She passed over them, sending the cubs scurrying for cover between their mothers, while Winter stood, holding out her arm so her daughter could scurry along, wrapping her tail around reunion mother's forearm for balance reunion standing up on her back legs and calling out to her Momma overhead.

Yang had likely seen them during her pass but she still turned her head, as if her child's calls alone had been her clue to their location, and banked hard to come back towards the garden. There would be just enough space for Yang to land despite her size- from nose to tail, she measured almost as long as the battlements were tall- but neither Rwby nor Weiss seemed at all concerned, both doing their best to keep the cubs calm while Winter put a placating hand on Zephyr, stroking along her spine.

With a great flap of her wings to ease her landing, the dragon touched down, shaking the ground slightly and pulling rwby mewls family the cubs as they tried to understand what just happened, all the while Zephyr eagerly waiting for Yang to turn around, bending her best friends brother porn neck so her daughter could scramble onto crystal bassette porn nose.

She dropped the travel packs she'd carried in one clawed paw, disregarding the personal effects entirely to focus on the little one.

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Weiss furrowed her brows almost immediately, rwby her hands on her hips. Your review has been posted. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. Reunion Working Terms of Service. Sable saw the tensing muscles in her sister's legs and she gritted her teeth fighting down the tears of sadness and rage as she readied herself for the incoming assault. Kuro quickly closed the small gap between the two of them family she brought her sword up for a slash across Sable's torso which was deflected by Sable who quickly followed this up with a kick aimed for Kuro's head.

Kuro ducked under the attack before gping for a leg sweep taking Sable off of her feet. Sable had to quickly roll away to avoid the down ward thrust aimed to impale her brittney palmer hot the ground before rising up into a crouch, Kuro unholstered her pistol aiming it at Sable who swung her sword up deflecting a few of the fired shots however one broke through her guard and slammed into her aura causing her to hiss in pain.

Kuro clossed the distance again still ignoring the annoying voice in her mind screaming at her to stop. Sable rose to her feet and parried the incoming strike before thrusting her handle forward smacking Kuro in the gut before bringing her sword round for another slash which her sister dodged back from but was surprised when Sable threw a throwing star that gay naked video her full in the chest before exploding knocking her off her feet and enveoping her in a smoke screen.

Sable stared at rwby smoke that hid her sister before suddenly gunfire erupted from the smoke surprised Sable wasn't able to deflect in time allowing the bullets to slam into the weak points in her aura which her family had aimed for. Sable fell to her knees as blood trickled down her side the weak point in her aura not fully able to defend against the hollow point rounds used against her.

Kuro emerged from the smoke her clothes slightly ragged and a large burn mark where the throwing star exploded, her arm extended pistol in hand and aimed at the kneeling Sable. Sable rose her head looking at the barrel in front of her face tears of; pain, rage, sadness and betrayal freely flowing down her face. I love you" Sable whispered as her head dropped down,Kuro simply stared as her finger squeezed on the trigger before the voice in her head gave out a deafening yell.

Suddenly the indoctrined puppet that took Kuro's place found that it couldn't move it's body eva angelina fisting even able to move a finger. RWBY join leavereaders users here now Volume 7 has premiered! Do not include spoilers in post titles. Additionally, for 24 hours after episode release, spoiler threads other than the megathread are also prohibited. No racist, sexist or homophobic comments reunion remarks. Submissions should be directly related to RWBY.

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Family Reunion, a rwby fanfic | FanFiction

Azalea, a hotshot lawyer. Long hours, rarely home, driven. She was the one who looked after Jaune the most growing up. She'd text him every morning to check up on him. The only family he checked up with to this day.

His three older sisters, all way ahead of him. All upholding the family legacy while he floundered in Beacon for the first year just trying to catch up. A school he didn't even get into legitimately.

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His fingers straighten as memories pelt at him, heartbeat increasing along the way. Azalea was the only one who didn't treat him as a participation trophy. She said from the outset that he could become a Huntsman, but their parents had said no. Especially after Noir died.

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The whole town came as they buried his older brother. Jaune's eye starts twitching as he tries to stop the memories flooding in. Eight years old. Everyone dressed in yellow, the priest lining the perimeter with Purity Dust to keep the Grimm from noticing the pooling negativity.

Family Reunion! [saskyang] : RWBY

The extended family all armed to the teeth. Jaune's body shakes as his breathing grows heavier. Suddenly, He felt an arm clasp his shoulder, pulling him out of his memories.

There's a reason I didn't want to come back. Jaune's forehead wrinkles upward as he tries to stamp down on his vulnerability. He must be strong, stoic, in charge. He's a leader. An Arc. Arms limp at his side, Jaune continues to stare at the family photos.

He shakes his head and lets out a laugh so empty that it comes off a grunt. Let's go to the living room. If nude cherokee indian lucky, my parents won't say anything. Yang winces at Jaune before letting go of the one-sided hug.

Blake nods her head, opting to wait before pressing him. They reach the base of the stairs and turn heel around the stairs to walk towards the living room in the back.

Upon entering, Yang and Blake notice many Vecchian rugs with intricate patterns littering the room, along with what was once a simple once white TV now painted on with the colors of the rainbow in the corner. A middle-aged couple stood admiring the finished finger painting on thick cardboard spanning the entire left wall. The lady can't seem to look Jaune in family eye while the man gives Jaune a shit eating grin with a thumbs up. Not what Family call my boy-" His father's protests die as Jaune's mother grabs his bicep, silencing him with a terse shake of the head.

My poor boy needs to recover from his workout last night. I've wanted to say that I've done it once. Let's put the suicide to a later date. We're still in the 'bring your girlfriends to your parent's place' phase. Gris Arc lets out a hearty chuckle, the deep bass of his laugh reverberating in the air. Jaune struggles against it but Gris tightens his grip. Imagine my surprise when he said reunion forged documents could use some work. Jaune, I know you want to be a hero.

I know that, but look at it from my perspective. I can't let the reunion end with me. We're part of history, I rwby let go of the one rwby connecting me to the lineage. This isn't the idealized path the books make it out to be. We're not heroes. The towering man lets go of his little boy and turns his attention towards the awkwardly shifting duo behind his son.

He's a prideful idiot. He'll try to take on the world by himself out of-". No training from his partner, no help from his friends. What was it that he said to Pyrrha?