Sex and sports performance

How Sex Affects Athletic Performance, Fitness, and Strength

Should Athletes Avoid Sex Before the Big Game? - Health

Since performance days of the ancient Performance and Romans, it's been a widely held belief—particularly among men—that they should avoid sex sports any type of sporting competition.

The no-sex-before-sports rule is rooted in a fear that sex will sap men of their testosterone and energy, thereby harming their athletic performance. Will a pre-competition roll in ex gf solo anal hay teach me how to lick pussy drain your strength?

In the study, researchers at California State University, San Marcos provided the first-ever data looking at whether previous-day sex affects the amount of muscle force men can exert with their legs the following day. They studied 12 healthy young men age 25 on average who had their leg strength and endurance tested twice: Sports exercises the men engaged in focused specifically on quadriceps and hamstring torque.

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Self-reported levels of physical and mental fatigue didn't differ across sessions, either. Obviously, there are some sex limitations of this new study: Another is that only men and studied and the samples were small.

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A review of the scientific literature on sex and athletic performance published in the journal Frontiers in Physiology concluded that having sex within two hours of a competition undermines performance. Another big limitation of this study—and pretty much all of the other research in this area—is that it ignores the quality of the sex people had and the broader relationship context in which sex occurred.

For example, did you experience any performance issues like erectile difficulties during sex? Did you and your partner argue or fight about anything during or after? This is an area where more research is clearly needed, especially research that gives due consideration to the sex of the sexual experience itself and its psychological impact.

This is probably a case where context matters a lot, and different people will have different experiences as a result.

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