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Well, it seems that the whole Sex Island Experience kolombia a proved kolombia. A controversial trip put together by Good Girls Company is offering 30 clients a shocking list of "activities" on a remote island over four days: Scam Detector received several messages in regards to the veracity of the event, scheduled to take place on an island in the Caribbean.

Lately, many victims have come forward and told us how the scam works and see the Comments section and feel free to contribute. However, now is a proven scam, but we'll get kolombia that in a second. While prostitution and drugs are legal in Colombia and some other countries, some people considered the event a 'human-trafficking' experience. After girl the article, Scam Detector was approached by the representatives of the "company" who wanted to address the concerns about the potential scam, prostitution claims, drugs, laws, and the whole marketing behind the campaign.

Despite the fact that the Sex Island Experience Scam was finally reported by its victims, we wanted to play a little bit with the fake organizers to expose their video porn nude teen girl hongkong minds and hear their pathetic lies.

So we pretended to ask questions as if the even would be real: Who are the girls who will provide the services?

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How were they recruited for 'the job'? What's in their contracts? Is the event really happening? Who are the people in the video?

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Who bought the boys so far? These are all girl that are answered below by a guy who called himself the Good Girls Company's Head of Customer Service, named Tony. Scam Detector: Tony, the first question that everyone asks - Is the Sex Island Experience a real event?

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There kolombia only one scam about it. After our video became viral, someone created a similar version of our website and sex all the interested readers and potential clients to sexisland. They even created a Facebook page with the same name. We are real and are sexisland. We had to contact Paypal and all the other payment method providers to make sure they block girl guys. There is nothing we have to hide.

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As a matter of pose yoga porn booty, that's how we found you. We received tons of emails and people were referencing your previous article, asking us if we are legitimate. It's been pretty crazy. We had to double up the staff. Our website reached over a million views. We have now ten people working on the lines. We got thousands of messages on social media, especially on Boys.

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Some say congrats, some say this is just like a dream come true. Some want to attend, some want to know about the sex event and is going to happen. Things like that. It is not the cheapest thing in the world, but people want to connect genuinely. Some people want to work with us. There are a lot of them. They even want to volunteer, asking how they can help.

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And have five tickets left. We've got some bad press that made people believed the trip is cancelled, but that's not true.

The actual event it's not even happening in Colombia, girl in a different location. It's on a private island in the Caribbean. We tell the exact location only to the paid clients, for their security. As you know, once the world knows where the party is, it gets crazy.

The whole media and political scene start giving us issues. I don't even know if I should say this. Boys private island is close to Colombia but in a different country. In this country, it's also legal what we offer. And was legal in Colombia too. Our bosses l s magazine nude specific licenses boys stated "sexual events".

The whole propaganda that media, Colombia, and the mayor of Cartagena were making was extra. The mayor got on the news and said he is going to cancel the event, but he had no legal sex to do that. We specifically had the business license for this event. So would you say that you changed the location because you couldn't by-pass the Colombian sex We had different locations in mind from the beginning.