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By the time he actually fully disrobed, I was ready to burn every last article of clothing he owned.

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For me, it was all about the undergarments. Beneath my blouse or dress was always some sexy lingerie. At the mere mention of sex, he turns into a ninja of nakedness. Before we ever even crossed the threshold of sex, we would spend hours doing all manner of naughtiness to each other.

It makes me tired just thinking about it. Are you serious? Girl, we use to say things to each other that would make a sailor blush!

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We were so bold and so naughty back then. If talking about calculus turned us on, you can only imagine what not talking about calculus did for our sex drives.

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I think when I gave birth, right along with the babies came that dirty little part of my brain that was uninhibited enough to say naughty, naughty things. We roll much more conservatively nowadays, but I try to throw him a bone every now and then and vice versa, I guess you could say. Oh, yeah. I remember those days. Everything looked sexy and felt sexy and was sexy.

We were totally in sync and nothing could break our rhythm. I think I heard one of the kids crying. No, maybe that was just the dog whining. Wait, wait.

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But they can also be helpful for when you get in the mood. Sure there are videos, but you might be surprised about how effective sexy GIFs can be. We previously showed you the hottest sex GIFs from movies. And movies are a great source thanks to hot sex scenes.

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But they aren't the only ways to find hot graphics. There are other videos that aren't so mainstream that can get the job done.

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Feel weird about looking at sexy GIFs? You shouldn't!

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It all makes sense due to the growing access of technology. You can find porn and basically take it with you everywhere you go. Along with the growing access, there's also the innovative technology changing how people watch it. There are additional perks to watching it other than pleasure. According to the same study, 17 percent of women watch it to get a better understanding of what their partner likes. Turns out, porn can really bring couples together.