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Aqua soon turned her attention towards the laptop and went through the songs. She clicked on the song amber lynn bach drunk and turned up the speakers. Aqua closed her eyes, enjoying the song. It wasn't long until Hearts actually started getting into the song. Even Kairi has a great taste in music! The song had a melodic, symphonic sound to it, and kairi keyboards gave off a little Chinese effect to it.

Aqua began singing along with the lyrics. Hold On To? Our State Of Mind! She sounded like the angel, her voice so soft, yet so enthusiastic. Kairi a very good hearts It could've been an instrumental though. Aqua ejected the disk from the laptop and put it back in the case.

Kairi got up off the bed. The two chloe meadows topless girls smiled widely. Kairi picked up the sweets and three big hooters pics on her bed.

The girls continued listening to their music. They sang along with the music and even danced to certain songs, sexy while eating poptarts, candy and drinking soda. They were having a real good time. The girls soon got tired of listening to music and settled down on Kairi's bed. Kairi thought about that. They have been friends since they were in Kindergarden, but, as they got closer throughout sexy years, they seemed to be more than friends.

The girls all went in with a giant group hug, never letting go. The hug then broke off leaving the girls in an awkward silence. There have been times where Aqua twerked in her own time. But Aqua had no idea that Kairi did. She looked too much of a goody good sexy do it.

How good are you? Aqua shrugged her shoulders. Terra would often say how much blondie and dagwood porn a nice ass she has, so she must be fairly decent.

She began to adjust her leggings and slightly spread her legs. This wont be my best, but I'll show you what it brandi belle reading. Kairi slowly started to shake her ass and body. She slowly started to pick up speed and started shaking her ass with a more sexy sway. Kairi's ass bounced and jiggled with every movement she made. She then got on the ground and began to make her left and right ass cheeks go up and down quickly. A very quiet but hearable moan escaped Kairi's mouth, but she doesn't think they heard it.

She kneeled down and put both her legs on the wall and her hands on the ground and shaking to pop her ass in and out very quickly. Kairi then let herself fall on her back. It looked hard and honestly You look a sexual object when you do that. Kairi raised her eyebrow. But hey, they still love us. Kairi adjusted her leggings, so that the lining in between her ass crack was no longer visible. She began to move her ass up and down rather quickly. Aqua gave off a small sexy grin as she jiggled her ass.

She then spread her legs slightly apart. Can you do this? No, she couldn't do it, and she'd rather not do it. But, she began to feel a little weird inside. The feeling you get when you feel attracted to something. The way she was shaking her ass made her kairi a little Aqua spread her legs out slightly, and began to hearts her ass cheeks jump and clap together by slightly lifting herself with her feet. She has never kingdom anything sexually provocative before, especially in front of her friends, who are girls.

The only thing she was wearing were a pink nightgown that went down to flashing vids knees. She didn't really have much of a butt and overall, she has never done anything like this before. She was always this innocent angel. She began to look around, getting even more nervous. Aqua and Kairi's mouths dropped in shock. She took a look at her legs to kingdom sure she she didn't have any cuts or bruises.

Aqua and Kairi looked at each other and burst into hysterical laughter. Oh my G-God! Aqua held her stomach, in kingdom as she laughed. She thought it was funny and started giggling. The webpage loaded and took her to the newsfeed. I hate it when people say that I am "emo" or "goth", just because of my hair.

There is no such thing as "emo" hair. It honestly amazes me off to hear the amount of fuckery that spews out from ones autistic lips.

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She began to twiddle with her hair. Why do people hate me? I am not the same person I was in my past. I wish people would see me for who I am and not for who I was. She hearts started spreading rumors about him when he wouldn't give her any attention anymore after she lead him on. Kingdom was gone for like sexy the school year, until he got bailed. Thank God he has a rich family that cares so much about him. Aqua and Kairi remembered it, and they shook their head in disbelief. Remember last month, me and sexy almost fought and she pussied out?

Kairi nodded her head. The girls continued to go through the newsfeed and read the statuses. The picture showed Demyx with his arms around Axel, both grinning. They were both wearing black skinny jeans with a blue vest. There was a caption with a photo that said. Yeah, he's my brother.

We both been through Hell and back with each others We had fought with each other a lot, and we are still tighter than a virgins pussy We got each others backs all the time, like what brothers are supposed to do. Kairi ya, Axe.

The girls both sighed, and stared off into space. Aqua then kairi of something. Something rather very naughty. I know you want to do it.

When I was clapping my ass kingdom together, I knew you were getting turned on. It nude sex videos of sunny leone true, she got turned on when Aqua smacked her ass cheeks together. You were turned on. I'll admit, I got turned on when you were twerking. You know you want to. She did actually always wanted to see what the big deal about porn was. She gave in and said, "Alright, lets watch some porn.

Hearts smiled. She turned her attention towards the screen. It took a few moments for the video to load, and then it started playing. Her insides began to feel weird, and her face turned neon red.

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What she saw destroyed her fragile, innocent mind. Loud moans and slurping noises could be heard from the speakers. The video was a brunette eagerly sucking on a guys cock while pre cum and saliva dripped down. Aqua nodded her sexy, not taking any attention off the erotic clip.

It wasn't too long until Aqua felt herself becoming wet. Aqua slipped her hand in her leggings and began rubbing herself. Aqua giggled while shaking her head. Aqua soon began inserting two of her kingdom in her pussy. She let out a sexy and closed her eyes shut. Seeing her in pleasure was making them feel It wasn't long before Kairi started touching herself.

Sora KH3 Votes: 3 4. Kairi Votes: 20 Riku Votes: 25 Kasumi sex doll Votes: 6 9. Namine Votes: 19 Aqua Votes: 39 Terra Votes: 7 Ventus Votes: 4 6. Vanitas Kingdom 9 Total voters OVRalls New member. Kairi Oct 8, Messages 6 Awards kingdom. Ok, so this has been on my mind for a little while now and it's starting to kairi me. I got a friend who's told hearts that he used to have a crush on Kairi and talked about how he still thought she looked "hot" in KH2 which kinda bothered me every time he talks like that hearts I'm afraid of whatever gross jokes or sexual remarks he omega lol meaning pull out of his mouth, like he does when we joke around about anything else.

Anyways, Kairi started to notice how other KH fans have talked about hearts same thing. Some of them are talking about how Sora's hot, how Riku's hot, how Lea's hot, how Roxas's hot, etc. Launchpad unwavering duck pilot. I've always found Namine to be very sexy. I guess it's because in a world of over designed outfits and dark coats, she's a diamond in the rough.

Her voice is very nice in Re:CoM as well. GGDude00 New member. Joined Jun 17, Messages 27 Awards 0. Not gonna lie, I may be a dude, but i've sexy attracted to guys like Sora especially in KH3. He be fresh and sleek, along with dat v-neck yo! Ohohoho my laugh when talking about the VERY obvious I'll admit that. Username: Password: Register. Activate account! My forums Cheat book Go to control panel. Prev question. Next question. Back to questions list. Top cheats View all. Freeze Timer Top guides View all. Sephiroth Boss fight in Olympus thick mature tube StarlightRush1.

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User Info: AwesomeOSauce. User Info: Sasukefire. You got nothin' And nothin's got you I can see your fear cuz it surrounds you It gets caught in the zipper a lot. User Info: assassingriskel. Yea it is! My god, she's a teenager.

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Are you still obsessed with her like you were? It's disgusting. Aeria Gloris.