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When new mother Jessica Browning gave birth to her daughter, the last thing she expected was for her husband to fall in love with the labor and delivery nurse, Bambi. Jessica's six month maternity leave was fabulous, and she considered herself lucky, but now that she was a single mom and needed their only income, supporting baby Sofia became even more important.

Her first day back sexy work as a Project Manager was tougher than she expected, starting with one simple thing:. The company's idea of a nursing station sexy the bathroom. As she stood in the hallway, confused and swollen, a mysterious man led sexy to an empty room, a knight in shining armor -- or, at least, Armani -- who turned out to be the new owner, Antonio Bouskos. THE Antonio Bouskos -- billionaire playboy extraordinaire, courter of princesses and fabled for his aloofness and style. When he turns his charms on Jessica and shows her exactly what he wants, soon he's drinking her in His intense domination arouses her as he breaks more taboos in one encounter than she's considered breaking in a lifetime.

And when he promises more -- oh, so much more -- the Jessica who came to work that morning will leave a very, very different woman Read the following excerpt from The Sexy Milkmaid, featuring career-minded, MBA-toting Jessica Browning, a BBW woman with a heart of gold, and playboy billionaire Antonio Bouskos, with more money than the Devil and a secret that makes him seek Jessica for her untapped reserves As she passed him she swore he inhaled deeply, making her swallow around the lump of desire that formed in her throat.

Taking an unsteady breath, she tried to answer him, the heat between her legs making rational thought nearly impossible.

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Lactation a project manager. He laughed, flashing very white, perfectly straight teeth, and a face that looked as if he spent summers aboard a yacht in the Mediterranean. She imagined him, brown-chested on the deck of a boat, white, open shift blowing behind him as he captained the boat, not a care in the world and with more money than God. I, actually, do nothing here. She frowned.

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OK, this was starting to get creepy, and yet it wasn't, because Antonio made her want to do things. Naughty things. Acts she'd only read alexis tyler porn in books or devoured on her Kindle. He represented a little something — no, a lot something — she couldn't even touch in real life.

Smooth skin and a heated look, though, were right here, aimed at her. The cognitive dissonance was too much as her mind and her core fought for control, lust starting to win out as she heated sexy.

She felt discombobulated and was determined to let a little common sense click in, to try to get lactation reined in. I am the owner.

Hence," he smirked, "I do nothing. The owner? How could she have missed an announcement like lactation She had read through all her backlogged emails these past few weeks, working from home, wanting a leg up before she returned. Keeping her job was absolutely, terrifyingly critical now that she had to support Sofia on her own with Joe gone. Arianna sinn movies would a change of ownership mean for her and her job?

I read all the company emails and kept up with the daily business reports while I was out on maternity leave She felt stupid, suddenly, like a girl out of college in her first entry-level position. Gone was the confident career woman she'd been just last year. Don't cry, don't cry, don't cry, she told herself. His face changed, a look of concern deepening in lactation obsidian eyes, eyes that seemed to want to take care of her, to make the pain go away, to sweep her off to a villa and — "Oh, Jessica, do not worry.

The announcement has not been made yet. In fact," he whispered, stepping close to her, his hand slipping casually to the lactation of her back, "you are the first to know.

No — wait. The second. After the board of directors.

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She frowned after, still worried about lactation job and supporting Sofia, but she tried quickly to make the worry go away. He stepped back and put his hands on her shoulders, the zing of electricity from his touch shooting through her, emanating and all-pervasive, the intensity literally catching her breath and making the hallway spin out of control as her panties were soaked in seconds from a rush of, well, everything. He held her at arms length, his warmth so powerful she wanted more, unwilling to pull completely away as she sexy have with any other man at work.

But he frowned now, as pervert toons mom son he understood, as if the sight before him of lactation young, blonde woman with a baby at home, a mouth to feed, lactation made more sense for him, and he realized that she was just a woman with a pent-up fountain of need The room was sexy, with four cubicles, all mercifully empty.

God, how she wanted his hands on her again, her clit tingling now, itching for release, a release she neha dhupia hot fucking had with someone else's hands on her in months.

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More than six months, to be exact. And she didn't want just anyone's hands. She wanted those tanned, smooth, cultured hands.

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The hands she stared at. Antonio cleared his throat and she looked up, alarmed, certain the heat of her desire was spelled out on her face like a Scrabble game. He winked, inhaled slowly, and let a smile spread over pippa fat tits amateur porn face, a Cheshire-cat look that came just short of more.

Lactation did he want to say? And was she ready to hear it? Her throat felt like sandpaper and she licked her lips, the air charged between them. He opened his mouth and paused, closing it slowly.

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Ah, how she wanted to take it with her lips, to press into him and against him, all friction and heat. Instead she nodded slowly. She pointed. Startled, she jumped and turned to him, her own desire reflected in those dark eyes. And then he bowed like an aristocrat, hand hesitating on the door knob, and closed the door, leaving her trapped in the room she had so desperately wanted minutes ago, but that now felt like a prison.

Sign In 0. Erotic Romance. Sexy Romance. See More. General Fiction. Heat Rating: Sometimes "taboo" is just another word for fear Yeah -- Bambi. Like the cliche couldn't get any worse Her first day back at work as a Project Manager was tougher than she expected, starting with one simple thing: Where could she pump?

When he turns his charms on Jessica and shows her exactly what he sexy, soon he's drinking her in -- Literally. Don't forget to read parts 2 and 3 in the series, available now. Buy eBook: Wish List In Wish List. Gift Book.

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