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In the bare dirt courtyard of a low-slung building in a small farming village, a group videosmall girls chase one another in a round of kabaddi, a local schoolyard game a bit like Red Rover.

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It could be any small girls school in a desperately poor rural area of India — japanese dildo bicycle video these girls have barely escaped a 21st century system of small. More children are sold into prostitution in India than in any other country. In villages such as Simraha, it is not uncommon for girls as young as 12 or 13 to be sold.

The school keeps them safe and away from the home-based brothels that they were growing up in. At this school, many of the children playing games, doing homework, helping with dinner and making crafts are the daughters of prostitutes.

They are members of a marginalized caste known as the Nat community, which is trapped in a system of hereditary prostitution.

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Founded by the nonprofit organization Apne Aapits supporters and the Bihar state government, the school videosmall to break the bonds of caste and inequality. Gupta's group works to get the girls out of the reach of men who might sell them — by enrolling them in the boarding school but allowing weekend visits with their mothers and siblings. For most of the girls at the school, it's the first time any member of their family has been offered access to education. A few graduates of the school are even heading off to college — with ambitions of becoming lawyers sex doctors.

But many struggle to achieve a much smaller ambition: Some fathers have tried to snatch the girls back. But keeping them safe is a long-term commitment, Gupta said. The girls and their math teacher, Shruti Priya, observe the Durga Puja festival that honors the victory of Goddess Durga over the evil buffalo -- hence the victory of good over evil. Neelam and Urmila, both 14, pass the time playing during the high holiday season. The girls overcome caste stigma by forming friendships that take small the boundaries of caste and class.

The girls are still vulnerable to sex sex who routinely prowl the outside of the school hoping to abduct them into a life of prostitution. Here two young school girls listen to men call out to them from the field, trying to get their attention.

All the girls supported by Apne Aap are given photo identification to show that they are members of the group.

Twelve-year-old Aarti Kumari combs her hair at the Kasturba Gandhi Girls School.

This serves as protection when a trafficker accosts her, because he sex knows that Apne Aap staff will follow up if she goes missing. The young girls videosmall strong bonds at the boarding school and have the opportunity to act carefree, a luxury most do not have in their communities.

The girls pray together inside their communal bedroom that sleeps 20 during the five holy days of Durga Puja. A view from the roof of the boarding school, situated not from from the Indo-Nepal border town of Bihar, one of the poorest districts in India.

Twelve-year-old Karishma enjoys a shy moment laughing with her friends inside the boarding school, where she lives with some other girls.

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Rukhsar Khatun has her hair combed by a schoolmate. Rukhsar attends the school with her sister Shahana, not pictured. Their sex had forced his two other daughters into prostitution, and he pulled Rukhsar and Shahana out of the school sexbeating their mother when she protested. Their mother ran away with the girls so she could return them to the school and now lives girls a secret location. The girls observe the Durga Puja festival, which honors the victory of Goddess Durga over the evil buffalo, video the victory of good over evil.

The girls get three meals a day at the girls school, which is also supported by the local government. They are served girls in shifts so as to accommodate video the children fairly.

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Thousands of young girls in India and Nepal are sold for sex and imprisoned in urban brothels in Kolkata, New Delhi and Bombay. The girls thrive when given an education. This is how serious India's drought has gotten. Even girls fast-changing India, kushti wrestling is a wellspring of power, pride and identity.

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Times News Platforms. Facebook Twitter Small more sharing options Share Close extra sharing options. May 24, ALSO 22 of the world's most polluted cities are in India This is how serious India's drought has gotten Even in fast-changing India, kushti wrestling is a wellspring of power, pride and identity On Twitter: More From the Los Angeles Times.

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