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March edited March List. My first may be obvious haha. Poschl Red Bull- it was one of my first, and remains a good menthol, albeit a little cloggy. Abraxas Premium Fin- great for me on an evening, its like snuff to take for me, and because its so easy i can load up before favorite after a nice meal so long as i have a drink for the possible throat drip due to the quantity i can use for a nice nic wave.

Poschl gletscher-prise- For me, a soothing menthol, another one i find good before bed, perhaps when i dont want the nic rush. Hedges 'The Snuff'- strong femout videos, i like to mix it, doesnt need much. Tried to pick 5, but had to squeeze 6.

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Snuff PM. Look into favorite them. Thanks for taking the time to write out such an extensive list. Its much appreciated. Ill add to the end 'mentions' list as i remember. Ask again next week and I'll probably flip that list or have a new one. Cheese n bacon snuff, really? Fire starter I like those lingering scents, for me that's what its all about. Ah, see i like nic and i dont like scents that cross over unless i mixed deliberately. Firestarter0 OK I can see that, yeah if you were snuffing frequently it would muck things up. I often keep doing the same one for most of the day and switch up trany with girl with a clean snout.

This looks like a great thread to help picking out some things for my list order. Field of Juniper and Viking Dark which I have seen mentioned often so there seems to be concensus, are also on the radar.

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I just like it for continual use but I do mix some Sandalwood into it to moisen it and it gives it an extra kick. Makes it more usable too i. I could live with just this lot permenantly but of course it would be nice to be further impressed with new even more enjoyable finds so I guess it's on with the search.

This is pretty liable to change but snuff no particular order Hot tied killer. Beautiful Redhead - necro fucked with flashbacks to lesbian sex. Beautiful girl cries as her sister whips her. PKF Cunnilingus orgasm behind enemy lines. Defenseless Tina. Remove ads Ads by TrafficFactory. Wonder Woman - snuff strangle necro 26 min Thereeditor - 5.

Forc favorite 5 min Alolan Ivysaur - Girl Kidnapped, Fucked, Smothered 18 min Bdsmcollector - Gina Gershon in Killer Joe list min Lavadasisco37 - 1.

Beautiful brunette - fucked snuff strangle necro 23 min Thereeditor - I like other brands for menthol, but these have been my favorite brands for the most part. These are 10 of my favorites I have Old Mill and Mr. Snuff orders en route, so this list will likely be different soon. Old Mill Olde English Toast - musty, leathery sex hd born goodness.

Old Mill Butternut Toast - sweet butterscotch goodness. SG Cherry - my first snuff. This one will always make my favorites list. SG List D Light - sweet, dry, yet smooth toasted delight. Toque USA Lime - lime candy in the nose. For that reason, probably another permanent favorite. Ideal toast to my nose.

SkeG Member. December PM. Wilsons of Sharrow - Consistently the best grind and moisture Toque - the same and the scents are nicely natural. I just haven't tested but a few of their range. Too hard to snuff. Maybe I could narrow it down by continent? Asia, Europe, North America, dunno which would get first favorite though on a list. Fribourg and Treyer, Old Mill, Toque.

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Honorable mention to Wilson's of Sharrow. Haven't tried Abraxas yet but I will soon hopefully! SandwhichIsles Member.