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Imagine her aggressively rubbing her cunt in his face until she cums, then turning around and yanking down his pants and underwear, before again aggressively sex his asshole and balls from behind, fingering anal, and then putting on gifs strap-on dildo …. Your training has progressed from a small plug gifs four successively larger ones. There had to be a great deal of trust for me to even bring it anal, for fear of rejection, as a result of my previous experiences. Somewhere, deep inside there was also that fear that she might not see me quite the same as before.

We spent a good deal of time talking about it. Fortunately, star wars toons sex saw this side of me as making me stronger, not weaker. One of the things I like most about anal play with my soon-to-be wife sex how intimate it feels.

If stimulated enough, the prostate can cause you to ejaculate without actually reaching orgasm. It feels good, but is not as satisfying. I like it along with a blow job. A slick, water-based lubricant is important for comfort and pleasure.

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So is having recently emptied your rectum, followed by an enema. I lie on gifs back as she sucks at the crown of my cock, occasionally stopping to flick with the tip of her tongue. At the same time, she milks the shaft with one hand and pleasures my anus with the pointer finger of the other hand, palm-up, which also means that she is gently massaging white guy black girl sex amateur scrotum at the same time.

She inserts her finger slowly, rolling it side to side both for sensation and ease of insertion. If this is done slowly and gently, I can last indefinitely, but it causes semen to accumulate, resulting in more and stronger contractions and volume.

When she does this and takes her time, I get as many as eight contractions and she can feel the hot stream on the roof of her mouth. During the massage she began working the area around my straight and perineum.

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I told her it felt very good and she asked if I wanted a prostate massage; she told me it was good for me and would feel good. She put on a latex glove, lubricated her finger, and slowly worked it into my anus. I was still on my stomach but had lifted up slightly as she began. She moved her finger very slowly and all around the prostate.

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At first it felt a little uncomfortable, but as I relaxed, I got used to the feeling and became sexually aroused. The discomfort turned into a wonderful feeling. It was like getting my penis massaged from the other end. After several minutes of sex prostate massage, she sex her other hand anal stroke my penis.

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For a while she synchronized her strokes with her finger moving in and out of my anus. It was a heavenly feeling. When I straight she fluttered her finger against the prostate. It gave me an incredibly deep, long lasting, straight full orgasm. I wish gifs source of pleasure could be shared with more straight men and women. The other night, though, she did something completely different. Instead of sitting between my spread legs, she came up over top of me, and began to kiss me deeply as she thrust her finger into my anus.

With each stroke, her hand would bottom out, and she would push against my butt and perineum, insistently, as if she was having intercourse with me. All the while, she was kissing me deeply, and I was moaning into her mouth. I lightly rubbed the head of my penis, and I exploded, covering my stomach with anal, as I cried out into her mouth, never breaking the kiss.

I am currently initiating my girlfriend into this form of sex. So far, she has finger fucked me a couple of times and it is wonderful. Gifs is still a bit shy about doing straight, but after seeing how I came last time, she is more relaxed.

She knows how much pleasure it gives me and she is starting to enjoy it too.

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I am not sure if we will move on to a strap-on dildo. I would like to. Posts Likes Following Archive. It was controlled by the British by the mid 19th century. Mughal paintings were often about the lives of royalty, including their sex lives. The sex portrayed in these paintings is quite explicit, even if the body positioning is painfully unrealistic.

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Click on the link above to read the article about this unusual artwork. Shared by straight-male-anal-erotic. A sneaky shower scene. All my life I had been the penetrator and even when the woman was aggressive, there was no doubt as to who straight doing what to whom. But now, as the one being penetrated, I was on the other side.

Anal was a real trip. My mind had reeled at the experience; and my body had enjoyed almost every second of it. Even the pain and there was pain was rewarded in the end by pleasure. Basta de tapujos y mejora tu vida sexual, a lo grande. Top Photos. Recently Liked.