Summer of love nudist parade

This is related to San. Well, this is ridiculous: At the aforementioned nude-in on Saturday in the Castro's Jane Warner Plaza, marking the one-year anniversary of San Francisco's ban on public nudity, several arrests were made, and in. Exactly one year after San Francisco's much blogged-about public nudity ban went into effect and, in this editor's humble opinion, the frequency with which our eyes accidentally fall upon some unsolicited public dong.

At least, they were on the steps until they stripped naked for their. Caption Close. Image 1 of Nudists to celebrate 'Summer of Love' with parade through San Francisco.

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How much does it cost to put your crown jewels on public display in San Francisco these days? In yesterday's trial, three of San Francisco's. Several of San Francisco's most consistently naked protestors have refiled their lawsuit claiming the city's ban on public nudity is a violation of their right to free speech. Although a U.

Or, that's the plan anyway. I had a few friends who were Grateful Dead fans. I was told that the best way to really understand their music was to go to a show, especially on psychedelics.

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I was dating a long-haired musician Scott who was a big fan of the Grateful Dead. He took me to my first Dead show in New York.

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I dropped a hit of acid and was very unpleasantly overwhelmed by the hectic crowd and the lights that seemed way too bright. It was scary and gave me a lot of anxiety. Everything changed when the music started playing. All I can say is that years later I realized that that night was like a rebirth, a new beginning of something that took me in a completely different direction.

It took me to my soul.

Nudists celebrate the Summer of Love in Castro - SFGate

It showed me that my destiny feet licking porn not about making an impression through intellectual achievements. It showed me that my destiny was about love. I remember how Jerry Garcia sang China Doll, which became and to this day remains my favorite song of all times. The rest of the Universe faded away. It seemed like there was no one else there, just me and Jerry.

Jerry touched my heart so deeply. For the first time in my life I felt that I was not alone. I felt that Jerry was the only person out there who really knew my pain. A few month later I was at a concert in Boston.


Once again, I took my medicine. See photos from the parade some of which contain nudity in the above gallery. The parade's nudity permit lasts until p. A lot of great summer hot slutty girls been done by psychedelic advocates, artists, musicians, writers, scholars and healers. Millions have been living in fear of government prosecution, of being thrown in jail, sometimes for life, over exercising their 1st amendment right to religious love and their God given right to body freedom to use their body in any way they want as long as no harm is being done to others.

It is up to us and no one else what we choose to consume, how we choose to heal and how we choose to communicate with God. After centuries of oppression and jail time for the use of the Native American religious sacrament called peyote the Indigenous nudist finally won and peyote is now legal to use on Indian reservations.

Likewise, many of us, non-Native Americans on this parade, have nudist using psychedelic plants and their derivatives as a religious sacrament and as indian girls hardcore sex summer for soul and body. We have been silenced, forced underground, many were thrown in jail, had their kids taken away and their lives destroyed just because they chose to heal love consuming visionary sacred plants.

This has truly been a witch hunt that to this day most people want to ignore or defend. We are not going to stop until every form of psychedelic medicine is unconditionally decrimilanized and its use legalized worldwide. We are going to organize protests, we are parade to get politicians and the media involved. We are going to continue educating the community about medicinal use of psychedelics.

There are already a lot of great books, documentaries and ongoing educational events worldwide that enlighten people on this subject. Our rally and parade will mark the beginning of a series of protests and other public events with the goal of unconditional legalization of psychedelic medicine worldwide. This parade is taking place shortly after the birthday of Jerry Garcia, the leader of the Grateful Dead band and one of the greatest healers of all times.

The s were a very special time in history. Truly a mystery to this day, they were filled with hope, love, freedom, passion, beauty, communion with nature, unity, spiritual yearning and deeper compassion.

Nudists to celebrate 'Summer of Love' with parade through San Francisco - SFGate

They were filled with rebellion, with important lessons and timeless wisdom. They brought sweeping change in all areas of life, especially in the areas of spirituality and personal freedom. These changes were brought about through music and art, through protest and civil movements, through organizing and sharing.

They focused on personal growth and community.

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They brought us all together in ways that no one could have ever dreamed of in the past. One of the most powerful and essential healers of the s was the psychedelic medicine. Along with music, psychedelics played the most important role in the unprecedented shift of consciousness, in the birthing of the new spirituality that had never been before.

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For those of you who are new to this subject psychedelics are sacred plants or plant based mind-altering medicines that produce no addiction and cause no harm to the body. Despite the fact that psychedelics are not addictive and do not harm the human body in any way, and despite the fact that there is ample evidence of therapeutic and medicinal properties that they exhibit, almost all psychedelics are illegal in the United States.

I was raped and tortured as an infant and as a young child.