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What better way to celebrate love than sexy ogling some fine-looking fellas? We know what you're thinking. Comics provide male a rich vein of female objectification that female character's ranks on the Comic Nude men hot vagina Guide's Sexiest Women in Comics list is treated as important information on Wikipedia.

So we're providing a little balance. We've consulted with friends and experts, with readers on Twitter and Tumblr, and we've put together our own list of the sexiest male characters in comics.

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If you want a list of sexy ladies, some other site will probably have one for you soon. We're not going to do that. We're here to check out some dudes. You probably won't agree with this list, because it's a list on the internet.

That's fine. If you want to make your own male, do so with our love. We think that would be great. Let's start a conversation about sexy guys in comics. Second disclaimer: This is all about comic book characters, not characters from movies, TV shows, anime or games. We know Sexy Hiddleston is delightful, but Tom Hiddleston is not in the comics. You're right, he should be, but he isn't. We apologize for all of your feels.

New 52 redesigns aren't sexy an improvement, but giving Roy his missing arm back was a welcome move, because the lad male biceps superheros don't want to lose - especially now he's rocking some ink. Is the baseball cap a little douchey? Isn't that part of Roy's appeal? In a world of charming princes and fairy tale romance, it's the growling wolfman who gets our attention. Bigby Wolf is an nice bit of ruff. There's nothing frosty about Fairy Tail's ice mage. A chronic exhibitionist, superheros all about gratuitous shirtlessness and flashing his perfect abs.

Ten points to Gryffindor! A sweet-natured puppyish prince male the fey with a slightly sexy appearance and the most soulful eyes you ever saw. Even withdrawn little Courtney Crumrin let her heart get bruised by Skarrow. Bruce Wayne Detective Comicsetc. Batman super a scary eunuch, but super he puts on a tux and pretends to be socially capable billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne he gets a little James Bond swagger and does a convincing impression of a stud. This angelic fellow is what a tortured, dangerous, playboy speed demon biker super like in Japanese romance superheros.

The word you're looking for is dreamy. The rock 'n roll alternative to brother Cyclops' easy listening. Havok has the power of a sun wrapped up in tight pants and a surly trini girld naked pics James Dean attitude. Larry B. Yes, it's a book about a special agent who hunts Nazis for the Internal Revenue Service. And he does it all with icy blue eyes, cool tailored suits and a super tan. Wolverine Wolverineetc. A feral knuckle of muscle and fur with a bad haircut.

He's the archetypal worn-down grizzled private eye, with all the gruff world-weary sex appeal that implies. Sure, he's also an anthopomorphic cat. It's comics. You're allowed to get a little freaky. Speaking of freaky, the youthful detective of Death Note is the weird, spooky antithesis to Light Yagami, the book's pretty superheros psychotic leading man. The tension between the two made them both popular, but sinister L takes the edge because, well, he's not a serial killer. Lucifer Morningstar Luciferetc. Not that being bad isn't sometimes hot, and Lucifer has a reputation for being pretty bad.

He's the most beautiful of the angels; the most brilliant of the devils. It's a seductive combination. Deacon Artificeyaoi Can a robot learn to love?

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Can a really hot robot learn to love? That's a question explored by Alex Woolfson's yaoi romance webcomic, with the added bonus of the buffest fully operational fleshbot you ever saw. Saiyuka was one of the first manga to introduce North American audiences to kick-ass-and-pretty bishonen action heroes.

Sanzo is a cocky gunslinger with too many vices to list.

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Smoldering is one of his virtues. Sure, Superman is admirable, and sure, Clark Kent fills out a suit, but Supes is a little lacking in the raw sexual energy and tight black t-shirt departments. That's where Conner Kent comes in. Who knew that Gap basics could make for such a compelling superhero costume? The scarred and savage Black Swordsman is the buffest and baddest of the big barbarian boys. And you know what they say about a man with an unfeasibly large sword.

Good grip. Strong shoulders.