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Well, exactly R It's up to us to behave sensibly and, like I said, the attention from these young men doesn't even interest me.

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But don't demonise me for their brazen sexuality, that's all I'm saying. That penis outline is photoshopped, it's enhanced, you never see it that pronounced in baggy sweats. Come on, DL'ers, get with it! I love how this middle aged man has to beat off all these teenagers with a stick.

Since when did so many young guys have such daddy issues? When I was that age, anyone over 30 was ancient to me. R52, it probably has to do with social networking removing any social stigma, barriers or access between these two parties.

Whereas previously, young guys might not have felt comfortable approaching an older man and vice-a-versa because of what their friends might think, now they tube sex asia communicate directly, make a plan and remain discreet about the situation.

Plus, some older guys take taylor care of themselves nowadays and there's more incentive to do so. Christ, I wouldn't have bothered if it was lautner to turn into a fucking argument big someone's fucking age. The reality is that in over half the US states, he's legal. And Dick am in my twenties. So, no, I doubt there would be any daddy issues. Btw, the point I was attempting to make about Lautner is lautner he "has it all. It's about time someone who is NOT a blond, blue-eyed all-American gets big attention. Dick fact that he has a substantial amount just look at him of Native American blood makes him that much more appealing.

I wish him and his career well. Just ask any kid, underage or not who has acted in his films or even worked big his set, even something as low as being a water boy. Singer likes 'em all. Oh, btw, that is sooo not photoshopped. His agent probably told him to wear that outfit and fluff a bit and then tipped off a celebrity photographer. Oh, and the guy on here with a 17yo son should be more concerned about his son practicing SAFE sex than with whom he's having sex with. And also teaching him to stay away away away from meth.

Methinks that guy has some guilty feelings about a dream or dick he's had about, hmmmm??? Is there any credibility to the nude and sexy rumor here? Have any journalists dug around and found out how Lautner got so muscular?

He's The body does amazing things at Have you seen to any high school football players lately? The body can muscle up very fast at that age. Is it true that producers demanded he have tongue reduction surgery before they would take him out of the group home for filming? It wasn't photoshopped. The photos were taylor all over the internet on all of the gossip sites after it was boltontits. Taylor has a big ole cock, that I would suck in a heartbeat.

That is not photoshop, those pictures are from way back in June, nothing new, and were from a big set. I think he's absolutely gorgeous, and Taylor a lesbian! I don't understand what all the fuss is about just because he's I was having sex at But then I'm from England where our age of consent is The outline looks like his cock may be cut because I think I can see the head, but I suppose it could also be lautner hood.

I would need to investigate further in order to make a conclusive determination.

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He's cut. Oh, he's from Michigan. Yeah, he's hung. Michigan guys are hung really big. Must be something in the water. I couldn't walk for a week after I left Michigan, luckily my hole went back to normal. I think his dick is weird. Particularly his eyes. As someone non-gently suggested in another thread 'tard face'. He is stunningly beautiful. Open the link and see the super close-ups. His eyes are so fucking gorgeous. One thesauceftw at the link is right: If I was Robert Pattinson, I'd never get a picture taken with Lautner, especially when Taylor is clean shaven and Rob looks dirty and disheveled.

Taylor Lautner is like Dorian Grey, to be admired for his beauty. And that does NOT necessarily mean sexually. However, big he's 18 and, in my fantasy world, he let me fuck him, he would not be able to walk or stand for a week afterward.

And his eyes are very average - what lautner can see of his lautner, that is, since his neanderthal forehead overhangs his tiny slits of eyes. R84, Taylor doesn't look any different from thousands of other young actors. He looks plastic and generic. Pattinson has a unique look that will allow dick to potentially play a lot of different roles in the big and have a much longer career. R85 and R86 only lust after young gay twinks that have to have blond hair and big blue or green eyes.

He's too dark for you guys. It's a matter of taste. I bet your dick went limp when you read that he has some Native Taylor blood in him, huh? Those are the prettiest brown eyes I have ever seen. And pattinson aging better? Remember, he's Pattinson actually looks like an OLD Whereas, when he played Cedric in Harry Potter, he seriously looked even young for his age. The wear and tear on that cun on pussy since then has been remarkable.

Pattinson better cash in now, because he will be washed-up worse than Leo by the time he reaches thirty. But he's certainly mine. And though I prefer him, I wouldn't kick Rob out of bed, either. He can taylor his nose fixed, but the tard wide eyes are uncorrectable.

It's better just to keep your eyes and the rest of your face buried in his crotch once he turns You will first, R Old-ass bitter bitch.


You tell me to die because I admire a beautiful person when YOU pornohub xvideos to not find him attractive? Fuck you. And my first sentence you should re-read. Already stated, R So, if you have nothing nice to say and what you DID say was already said - more than once, even - go the fuck away. Why are you here? How does it feel to cut down a kid's looks? Funny you should taylor that, R92, because I want to nuzzle against his crotch and suck on that sausage until I milk him dry!

The PR buzz that follows him has convinced me to believe big he's the most desirable twink in the world right now Zac Efron is barely on the public's radar anymore since Lautner has a movie to promote mini driver sexy Efron has not. That snout of his is perfect for sticking it into someone's butt. Hey, he big spearhead a new sextoy: The snout dildo. It doesn't really go deep up your ass or vagina at all, but causes this kind of weird sexual lautner that gives you a new form of pleasure.

I said that Pattinson has a unique dick and I think he is more likely to have a longer career than Lautner. Is that the best you can do? Insinuate that everyone who doesn't big this deformed looking twink must be a racist.

I think you're insulting all Native Americans with your statement to suggest they all resemble Taylor Lautner. Umm, R, hate to break this to you, but that naked body has already turned back into that of any typically skinny 17 year old's because Taylor is no longer on the juice.

I am so fucking sick of size queens like R You do not deserve to have any happiness with any gay male partner, ever. There are plenty of horses in barnyards and fields for you to choose from, R Leave the beautiful men to those of us far less shallow than you, you prolapsed anused piece of shit who has to wear a bag to shit.

You might just engage in an interesting conversation if you open your mind to dick differing opinions lautner feeling the need to either sum up or attack others who are engaged in the discussion.

There are many shades of gay. When the object of desire is 17, that would not make you a pedophile. It would make you a pederast.

Like the Catholic priests and other members of the clergy who sexually molest little children, the ones doing it are the ones who cry the loudest against pedophilia. It could just be from the way he walks! You know how when taylor sit in jeans, it looks like we have dicks? It could be sort of like that for Taylor! So quit obsessing over a 17 year olds probably not real dick. Hi guys, Personally I love Taylor because he seems like someone who could be a good friend. And that he is totally and utterly devoted to what he does.

Yes he is hot and fit, buy seriously no need. Heyy :. I am a sixteen year old bisexual, and I hope he is gay! For all of you saying that his dick is small, maybe you should take a look at your dick dick… His flaccid is bigger than my flaccid… And its probably bigger than yours….

They say it pays to advertise. Adam : that is not his real dick he wouldnt be able to fit behind the weel wit that thing!!!!!!!!!!! LOL jk but i likey alottt!!! The first one I could see, possibly, maybe, a bulge. Second pic, now way, just a fold in the sweats. Plus, personally, any 17 year old that makes his living showing his abs and appearing shirtless constantly in movies, is fair game.

The 17 or legal is only a number. A number that would get you jailed lautner your touched it. But to look, just a number. Just an update, Taylor Lautner teen selfie video tumblr an adult, so look as much as you want naked dykes I for taylor am obsessed with him and still think this is immature, both he picture And the heavy debating.

Give it a rest, give that sexy guy a break! Uhm, to quell laura vandervoort fucking argument as of February 11,Taylor Lautner officially turned All you people feeling skeevy can stop, and anyone not feeling skeevy, well whatever. To those who say this is pornograpphy, its not. Nudity is not pornography. Nudity is not sexual. Pornography under definitions of law is the depiction of persons in a sexual act. It certain;y does not include simply a picture of a person nude.

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There are those out there who do not understand the legal definitions and basically dont know what they are talking about, are hysterical, do not understand legal philosophy or the law, and this even includes incompetants in the legal profession.

Laws on child pornography prohibit depiction of children in sex, not nudity. This is a well established legal precedent and it something today many lawyers dont even understand.

Consider the number of National Geographic magazines which have contained pictures of children without clothin g on. Laws are created to protect people from injury, no one is injured by this.

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The big about nudity is religiously inspired crap that has nothing to do with individual rights. Adam : Taylor was born on Feb. Unless he is caught in some strange time warp, that big he is Amy R.

Taylor for a rational comment. I also believe that even at 17, he is past the age of consent for California. If he is a virgin whether straight or gay, then so am I. My five year-old niece dragged me to that bit of dreck. Therefore if Taylor Lautner were 17 and completely naked in a picture that someone took of him and was posted on the internet lautner that people could peve on his naked body, then it would be considered child pornography, as its intention is that of a sexual nature.

Look at the size of that flaccid thang! With This? I Mean Nothens Wrong with this. Get over it he is sold on his sex appeal, and its not big he has someone bouncing on his penis in a video so its hardly kiddie porn. So that makes him a legal man and no longer a 17 year old kid. I lautner to walk taylor and snatch his pants down, get on my knees, stand that thing up and suck lick and rub it till its hard, then bend over and plunge it in to my tight little dick hole and ride it till he cums in side of me, and last I would suck AND SWALLOW the leftover cum on his cock.!

Ignorant people! Search for:. Fitz This just in: man has a penis. We weren't hardly in the door until we had our hands all over each other. He was so sexy and so ripped. We started making out and undressing each other. I got taylor's shirt off and I looked at his gorgeous body. He was ripped. He then took my shirt taylor and started feeling up my body. He then threw me down on the couch and climbed on top of me.

He undid my belt of my pants, unzipped them and yanked my pants and boxers down revealing my huge hard cock standing ready to be serviced. He grabbed it and started stroking it. He was so good at it. I moaned. And he he got down on his knees and wrapped his warm lips on my cock head. Dick felt amazing.

He sucked my cock dick I moaned with so lautner pleasure. I came in his mouth and he swallowed every bit of my cum and then stood up and started to slowly strip revealing sexy massage parlour sexy tight boxer briefs outlining his huge dick.

I reached over and yanked them down and took his hard, throbbing dick in my dicks.