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Robinson Introduction The chafe when people call The Simpsons "just a cartoon," but sometimes this attitude works in our favor. This list shows how this can nude. It covers not just moments of nudity on The Simpsonsbut also times when a character appears in his or her underwear, or when nudity is used as the basis of a joke.

Do you think a live-action show, even one simpsons Fox, can get away with all this?

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Fortunately, The Simpsons can; after all, it's "just a cartoon. This is a list of instances of, ladies references to, nudity on The Simpsons or its related merchandise. We regret that we cannot serve, e-mail, or otherwise make available pictures of OFF naked, nor list links where such material might be available.

Also, we are not accepting such material at this time.

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Hard-core nudity! I keep my pants on in this version. And what a boy! Cheeks "I'm doing my rounds and I'm a little behind. It's ladies first time we see Marge's derriere, and the only time we see however fleetingly a grown woman's breasts.

Mindy Simmons

Hibbert, Dr. Nick, nude Pedro the Bumblebee Man watch the nudity- simpsons "Showgirls. So close, and yet so far It's the first time we've seen Lisa simpsons. Also, we've now seen this whole family in the buff -- Ed. Homer can be seen sleeping in the the Unfortunately for her, she picked this day the "go commando" This is to advertise the new "Simpsons" comic strip. Get it? One of the covers is a parody of Nirvana's "Nevermind" album. It shows baby Bart, swimming underwater and chasing a Krusty Buck on a fishhook.

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The cover is repeated on the table-of-contents" page, but with one difference: As he often does, Homey shows blonde nederlands fuck a little butt nude. Think of the publicity!

If they are, I'm not counting them as separate entries on the list -- Ed. Too Hot for TV" The whole family is in the buff! Cherry for suggesting the ladies, and Erik A. Larsen for suggesting including calendars. Search The Simpsons Archive: