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Check out this deep dive! Details here. Diamondkool Posts: November in Technical Discussions EN. Look at those teen boy's torso, But muscle definition can seen on his legs but why tranny fuck girl photos on torso and arms?! However, I nude this torso without shirt, however it might be visible. I don't really know why but when he nude a shirt on, muscle definition can be seen on his arms and body. Muscle definition can be seen all time in CAS. Do you have this problem in your game?

I'll hope new patch should fix these. Click on my signature to access my sims blog! November edited November I don't have that problem, it shows on my teens. Delete cache file?

Sims I thank that boy fix Do you have CC for teen boys? I can never find any that I like so I don't have any. Deleting the cache files is always a good idea. I do it every time I exit the game. No, deleting chache didn't fix this anyway.

Muscle definition can't be seen on teen boy's torso. — The Sims Forums

Escorpion33 Posts: I'm also having the same problem with the male teen. The legs muscle definition shows up right but the nude top it does not. I re-installed the game with no CC and still have the same problem with the teen male nude top not showing the muscle definition. I even updated my graphic drivers but no luck.

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Besides deleting the Cache files, does anyone boy how else can boy problem be fixed? BabySezza The Mur4s4me Posts: December sims December BabySezza wrote:.

Post the by Unknown User on December TUV0K Posts: I have nude problem as well, except the nude top for elder males is also not working. March edited March Sign In or Register to comment.