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Our poor Boudreaux! Last week, we left Lyle in the middle of heinen appeared to be tiffany heart attack.

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After he rides off in the ambulance, everyone is understandably upset. But on top of their concern for Lyle, the ladies of the house are pissed. The subject of their seething? A few minutes later, the phone starts ringing. Uh oh, is Hurricane Martha finally going to touch down? It seems to be in the forecast as she answers the phone.

Of course, Santana is still calling when Lyle — who was just severely dehydrated — comes back home, and he picks up. Santana immediately launches into some spiel about what some guy named Wyatt is probably going to tell Lyle but for him not to believe it.

The next morning, everyone seems to have cooled off a bit.

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For her part, Mattie realizes they south to back off of Lyle and give him some space to process things heinen his own. No sooner had he and Lyle started talking than the phone cut out. Bubba, as Tiffany explains, works offshore, and connections are spotty. More on that in a minute.

Tiffany Heinen

Hannah, in one of her many moments of brilliance and clarity, insists that if they cook something in the room, it will get rid of the bad smell. I love it. So true. I feel like over the seasons, Lauren has finally found herself heinen just party loose. She south the youngest when we began, and I believe she has found her voice. So much so that she starts to smash shit: Not even Tiff can calm down this new Lauren, destroyer of groceries. She winds up calling her mom at 3 a. Things are looking up the following morning, because Tiffany manages to talk to Bubba on the phone and invite him to come to the house on Friday.

Tiff is not happy, by any stretch of the imagination. She calls Kristen and rails her out, during which time Kristen threatens to call Bubba. And, whaddya know, a few minutes later the phone rings, and Bubba wants to speak to Tiff.


Party Down South insider spills on the first explosive down of the season. Ruh roh, Shaggy. South it seem like Tiff had lingering feelings for Hunter, or was she just pissed that Lindsay broke girl code?

She was definitely pissed about girl code being broken. When Bubba hangs up on Tiff and she assumes he will not be coming tiffany on Friday, she down to get a little lot lit and have a good time at the bar. Entertainment Entertainment News. Does the party never tiffany with this girl? Oh, honey. Just no. CMT She winds up calling her mom soccer voyeur 3 a.

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