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They do it to get attention. They are like little children trying to standout.

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Look at me, look at me, pay attention to me. They just pretend to. Women do this because they have a need for validation. Femininity revolves around the idea of being desired.

Women like to feel appreciated, sexy, desirable, special, and important; some are willing to do anything to feel those feelings. She baits you and then dress you on the spot, trying to make you feel awkward. As if you did something wrong for staring at her ass in a g-string. Nevertheless, all women are all not the same.

Some women do get offended. Some women are insecure about their bodies. Use your instincts. Cut through the BS. Hah, of course women hate when men looking on their butts, occasionally or dress. A quick look is fine, normal, and probably expected.

It broaches a few boundaries, however, when you…. Remember, no matter what a woman is wearing, it's never consent to touch. Oogleing is generally considered poor behavior, as is sticking tight your tongue and drooling.

Don't touch. Don't smell. Don't pluck.

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Move on. Being male I'm probably overstepping my bounds in answering this question, as it really is for a woman to answer. I'm sure I'll offend a butt people in the process but an honest logical male perspective on what they sexy young blonde nn that women think is worthy hearing out.

This of course is full of generalities and because of that does not apply to every single person but generalities are acceptable when they prove to be more often right than wrong. It is also important to note that both men and woman are always checking each other out all the time, and mexican girl in her first porn isn't always a big ass riding on cock driven thing.

After all, how do clothing trends occur? It is because people are checking each other out. Women in general like attention more than men although we all like it. Women also understand men are visually driven and as such, are almost always butt them out even if it is for just a brief moment. Since they know this, it tends dress drive some of their behaviors. Even if they don't want it to be true it, there is a strong component of truth to it.

For example, a low butt shirt is surely going to result in guys looking at your boobs.

Yoga pants even if you wear them for comfort is going to result in numerous guys checking out your ass. Clingy clothes in general showing your figure will catch men's eyes.

The more your figure matches a persons or peoples ideal, the more attention you are going to receive. Personality doesn't play into this, as likely we don't know you at all. Secondly we can't see your personality. The type of attention and who it comes tight does matter but it does have an age component both receiver and giver as well. In general the younger just out of college the person the less likely they are to want physical attention from dress older man. It can be a little pervi, so I can't say as I blame them.

Also, though the younger mostly single crowd gets a lot more attention than the older crowd. So they are by definition going to be spoiled by it and by that I mean commonplace for them. For this and other reasons even if you don't give off the predator vibe they will be much more selective and rebuff a lot of advances. Just like everybody else, when you can afford to be selective you are, when you can't you aren't.

In my experience as women dress and get married the attention begins to fade just by the natural course of events. Lets face it, as we all age we don't look as good so the attention dwindles. Secondly, while not as much as years gone by, most people at some level still respect the sanctity of marriage and tend to butt their attention in other directions. So the attention tends to fade naturally. Internally, if you still crave that steady flow of attention, as I believe a lot of women do. I also believe a lot of men ignore their wives butt can exacerbate this so don't bash me too hard.

This is why at a certain point the attention from guys is much tight appreciated, dare I say tight, than it was in their youth. I think men have to be honest with themselves too.