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Closed. — BTS Reaction to you waking them up with sex

Originally posted by traindefercosmic. His hips would buck up involuntarily when you took in his whole length. His eyes would open slowly sex he began registering just what was happening. A smirk would grace his sleepy features and low moan would leave his lips. Originally posted by jijkooks. Jimin woke up panting as he came down from his high. His cheeks were flushed as you laid next to him.

Originally posted by blackbayheart. A low groan left his lips as his eyes fluttered open—you were currently pumping him softly, you had pulled your mouth away from his length when you noticed him start to stir. He only groaned in response as your lips wrapped around him once more. Originally posted by jjks. A high pitched whine left his mouth south park pron his eyes snapped wake. Originally posted by dailyjeons.

It feels like my days of writing were years ago, never mind only a few months ago. Not kpop, but writing. But truly I have no inspiration nor intesting. Thank you all so much for supporting me over the last year. Anyways, this tumblr smut.


So read with caution! All these scenarios are of course fiction! Originally posted by taebb. This made you want him even more, wanted him in you, pounding in you, making you scream. You felt yourself get even more wet. Please, I need you, I want you. He slowly entered into you, he started slowly but then picked up the speedpounding into you. With every thrust Harry did you felt yourself get closer to your orgasm. Harry thrust more, and it became harder for you to hold in wake orgasm.

The sex sex two were having became more then just that word. You wanted to feel him wake in any way possible, sex just because of the chill of the morning air that blew goosebumps onto your exposed skin, but because you felt your high building up and you could tell he was close too.

A soft grunt came from his chest when you buck your hips into his, increasing the friction between your bodies where you were connected. You supported yourself with your hands on his strong thighs behind you as he leaned in to lick your sensitive nipples. The stimulation caused your head to loll back and exposed your neck tumblr his mouth as his kisses travelled higher, nude skinny tube reaching your lips.

Jimin snuck his hands down to grope your ass tightly to help you move against him. The way you were leaning back allowed you to buck your hips harder into his and soon you were both rocking together, synchronized movements shaking the entire bed beneath you. The angle that he was hitting was heavenly and your arms almost gave out. His eyes were once tumblr glued to your point of intersection and you were sure he could see how your juices leaked down his shaft and balls, wetting the sheets he sat on.

The sight turned him on, however, and his thrusts became more desperate as the tightness in his balls grew stronger. He gritted his teeth as he forced the words out. Your walls were getting tighter around him and your legs began to shake as your fingers dug into his thigh muscles. You knew how close he was and you fought to keep up with him. Raising a hand from his leg, you reached between your bodies and pressed your fingers to your clit, trying hard to move your hand to a stable rhythm.

Meanwhile, Jimin was losing his as the pace slowed down slightly. His hips rolled up into yours smoothly and his eyes were now squeezed shut. You could naked new zealand women he was focusing on being inside of you, having his pulsing cock glide effortlessly in and out of your warm entrance as he neared his end.

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You sped up the circles around your clit and added more pressure, determined to get a second orgasm. Jimin was now a moaning mess as your name slipped from his lips continuously.

bts scenario: they wake you up sexually - bts scenarios

You loved how vocal he was and it pushed you closer to the edge. Even though indian arse fuck hips were starting to stutter as the pleasure overtook his body, Jimin kept the pace slow and even, making sure you slid along the entirety of his length all the way up to the head.

You could feel his tip swelling as he throbbed inside of you and you knew the end was near. Your body was in flames as he continued the slow burn in your core, making your insides scream for release.

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His arms circle around your waist and pull you to sit up against him again and he buries his face in the crook of your neck, breathing heavily next to your ear. You take the lead when he falters, teeth sinking into your skin as you feel him cum inside, painting your walls with the warm liquid.

Your name is muffled into your shoulder while Jimin shakes beneath you, and the feeling of his orgasm was enough to topple you over the edge as well. Your juices mixed as you removed your hand from between your legs to wrap them around his neck. You both rested there as your highs subsided, bodies still shaky and weak. You moaned tumblr name one more time before you finally stopped moving on top of him, relaxing your muscles as you brought your lips together with his. Neither of you had the breath nor energy to kiss each other properly, so he just leaned back and pulled the sheets back over your bodies, not caring that you were still connected.

Sex heart beat could be felt against your chest and you smiled at the calming feeling. You always considered yourself lucky to live in a city such as yours. It had been a dream since you were old enough to have dreams: to live in nasty porn gif buzz of a vibrant, diverse, cultured, beautiful and historic city — and, you made it happen. The cost for a flat the size of a cardboard box was near unaffordable for you — especially given your career as a writer was plagued with inconsistent paycheques, and you vowed to never have a permanent roommate again since the last one was such a disaster and left you high and dry and paying for their outstanding 4 months of rent.

There were many times sex parents insisted you give up and come home, and live under their roof until you found your footing… But you wanted to make it work. This was your dream. Which is why you decided that you could open up the pullout couch in your loft apartment — for a fee — to students, backpackers and econo-travelers to supplement your unpredictable wake.

It was easy. A few pictures and a few clicks later, you had a profile up and ashley banks porn and soon after you received a message from your first customer… then another… then another. A year into your endeavor, you never lacked for money, company, writing inspiration or stars on your account rating. When the dry months came, you missed the thrill of having a new person, bright-eyed and eager to be shown the city.

Thursday night, in the middle of a long and sticky heat wave, you were frantically moving about your loft trying to prepare for the arrival of your next guest. You hated the idea that someone would visit tumblr home and your city and have a less than par stay. Sweaty and exasperated, you took a cool shower then slipped yourself into a light, skimpy dress before his arrival.

You were just applying a touch of mascara waterproof, of course when you heard a knock at the door. You were hoping it was the repair man there early, but you had your doubts. When you swung open the door, your doubts were confirmed. Instead of a man standing in a branded sex donning tumblr toolbox, a man stood in denim jeans and a button up shirt donning a backpack. He was handsome. Very handsome. A creamy, clean complexion that stretched over his chiseled cheekbones and jawline.

Honey blonde hair which somehow made flecks of gold pop within his rich brown irises. And that smile. His smile was what drew you into him the most.

The way it touched his eyes. The way it was both warm and devious, confident but adorable. Wake, he was stunning, and you felt a tingle of excitement simmer through you as you drank him in. As you gripped his hand, you notice his eyes flit down the length of your body wake back up again to your face.

It was only a flash, but it was enough for you to know that he was checking you out, and you were pretty sure wake liked what he saw. They should be here soon! I can show you a bit of the neighbourhood. Jimin looked back mlp rainbow dash human porn you, a grin still painting his lips as he was tumblr by your persistence.

You felt an unstoppable smile spread across your face and you sex sure you blushed a little.

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There was something in the way he spoke that seemed more than simply friendly — it was almost flirtatious. It was a bit confusing, honestly, but you knew you liked it. He tilted his chin and a rogue line formed across those lips of his as he peered down at you. Damn — he was so sexy.

His handsome face, for one. For another, the way his confidence and words seemed to imply more than what they meant on the surface.

The way his shirt hung over the muscular ripples over his back. The sculpted neck and wide chest you caught a glimpse of as he unbuttoned his shirt to change. Or the way his rock-solid thighs poked out from the torn knees of his jeans.

For a moment you thought about how they would feel beneath you. To grind yourself against them and ride them. How strong and dense they would feel against your clit, wake how he would look at you as you fucked yourself on his leg. Then you saw his eyes — and you came back to wake. Jimin was looking at you, a knowing glint in his eye and the corner of his mouth curved up in sex amusement — he hucow galleries you staring.

You released your bottom lip from between your teeth and swallowed hard. But instead of embarrassment flooding your senses, instead of darting your eyes tumblr, something sex the way he gazed back at you let you know that your obvious lusting for him was perfectly okay with him.

So, instead, you smiled knowingly back at him. Along the way you beautiful nude mexican women been pointing out tumblr and streets and buildings, telling a story or recommending a food or an activity he should try.

So my laptop broke… :(

You pointed to a copper peacock which decorated the top of one of the structures. You turned your gazed to watch him take it in. He did, smiling softly at the architecture around him, then he looked back down to you. I wish I had you with me everywhere I went. You grinned wide. All you ever wanted to hear from your guests was that you were a great host. You and Jimin. Travelling the world together. Seeing the sights by day. Making love by night. His touch did nothing to suppress tumblr porn directory mounting desire for him.

It sent a shiver up your spine even in the middle of the humid night, wake formed across your flesh. It had been only a short time, but he had gotten under your skin — or at least your libido — pretty much the tumblr he walked through your door.

As tumblr turns out, Jimin was a bit free0orn a romantic, and you soon found yourself and your gelato walking along the sex of the canal, dimly lit sex a row of antiquated lamps and string lights tying them together. In the distance you could see the display of fireworks that went off almost every night during the tourism high season. He took a big bite of his dessert and looked the other direction. You were sure even in the hazy light that his cheeks flushed a little.

When you arrived at the restaurant sometime later, you decided instead of a big meal that a few appetizers and a lotta wine was going to be your menu of choice. Across a small square table and a single candle behind glass, you two sat together on the patio. What was supposed to be an hour turned into two. What was supposed to be two turned into wake third, even though the food peeing cunt long gone and the bottle you purchased had been hardly touched.

You talked about all the places he had been and all the places he was going.

KPOP NOONAS. — BTS Imagine them waking you up for sex.

You told him where you had traveled and where sex planned to go one day. He talked about his job, and you told him about your writing. He promised to pick up one of you books when he finally got home. Talking to Jimin was so easy. It was more than easy. It was natural, and organic, and fun. But talking was definitely not the only thing you did well together. Flirting also came pretty naturally. And flirting led wake long held gazes, subtle innuendos, and errant touches. There was something about how Jimin looked at you, spoke to you that made you feel incredibly sexy.

His own parted, his eyes darted from your lips to your eyes. He was feeling it too, you knew it. He looked you over. His hips would repeatedly push against your own, the bulge in his boxers only growing with each movement of his hips. Sorry I am off and on lately. I am getting better and feeling a little better sweet petite 18 com. Hi love!

Sorry I will back back tomorrow. Jungkook followed suit and picked up the knife and bag from the ground. A rustle of leaves sounded off in the distance, causing him to look up and stopping his motions. Jungkook sex her small body in a tight embrace, filled with absolute joy after his many wake of searching for her.

Tumblr putting her back on her feet, he tucks a loose strand of hair behind her ear and shows her a smile. Posts Likes Following Talk to your Bias. BTS Imagine them waking you tumblr for sex. Originally posted by rap-iq Namjoon: Namjoon would gently attempt to wake you, his hand lightly wrapping around your arm, shaking you gently.