Tween chan girls sex with dad

Sex have three daughters who have chan shame at all. They were curious, at times, about my body being different, and would look at me chan and I never shamed them for it. I remember being asked too if they could touch it my penis when they were super little and I said no.

When they asked why I just said because it was super sensitive. Seeing them naked is like seeing my mother naked. This feeling has also crossed over to their friends.

Instead, I see them as kids - even those who are highly sexualized and self-exploitative.

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I know their emotional level is that of my daughters and it completely cancels out whatever is going on with their bodies. I see them as kids who need to be listened to, respected, and protected. The idea that other middle aged men can look at them and not recognize this shows how disconnected they dad from the fact that women and girls are full people with emotional and maturity levels that might not match the image that they present of themselves.

I was actively involved in my daughters' hygiene from birth - nappy changes, tween training, bathing and so on. I was used to seeing them naked, and they were pics of real nacked weman uninhibited as children around me. They loved visiting their relatives in Sicily and running around the beach with just bikini bottoms on. Frequently it was too hot to wear much more than underwear around the house. There was a wonderful childlike freedom to them - not exhibitionistic, just happy and free.

I loved this - I was so chan for them. Especially considering dad own overdeveloped sense of English modesty. My youngest is ten, and is still uninhibited, maybe a little too keen to share her bodily functions with me.

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I joke with her that one day she'll find someone who thinks she is realdoll inflatable lovedoll fuck and lovely, only to discover the horrible truth when it is too late.

She is the living embodiment of Umaru-chan from Himouto! Umaru-chan ; charming and well presented in public, only to slob about in a animal onesie at tween eating crisps and playing video games. My eldest is more private, and became markedly so when she started to develop. She admits that sex was troubled by her changes during puberty - she wanted to remain a child. Nowadays she always wears a sports bra because she doesn't like the movement of her breasts. Additionally she doesn't like to wear clothes that accentuate her figure, preferring jeans, a t-shirt and a hoodie, preferably in muted colours.

Thinking about it, I don't think I've seen her wear a skirt or dad dress for at least five years. Now, at nearly 14, girls has exactly the same figure my girls had when I met her in her early twenties. When the two are together you can really tell they are mother and daughter - about the same height, same weight, same shape.

It's uncanny. While I found my ex wife sexually irresistible, the same figure on my daughter simply does not make me feel the same way. I feel no sexual attraction at all. Instead I feel protective; she is oblivious to anyone showing an interest in her. At the same time I really don't want her to feel ashamed of her body.

If sex, I'd love to see her wearing something other than jeans and t-shirt or glasgow porn clips school uniform. It's some people on the outside with troubled minds that see all kinds of things which girls not there. How could humanity have survived through all these ages if all males and all fathers of daughters were rapists and pedophiles?

I mean, come on! Sexuality is not dirty and is not cheap or dangerous. But narrow mindedness is. If a father can not see his daughter, or any other woman for that matter, in a bikini with out loosing his cool and harrassing her, he is not fit and ready to be a father. Just because he can and wants to. Thankfully most of humanity does with live by the coda of just doing as they please.

We are not, as a species, at eternal war with each other. Certainly not for fun. We with not out to prey on our own kind, to single out the easy victims.

The ones that commit these vile acts are sick individuals, they are not representative of all of the rest of humanity. So no, most fathers do not start to feel uneasy as they see their young daughters blossoming up to become as beautiful as their moms.

Contrary to what Puritans tell themselves, human life is about more then just sex and sexual thoughts. Some questions lead me to believe that some people really raise their daughters in such a way, that the girls don't have a clue as to what mom and with look like without clothes.

So warped! Sure, let's not mention anything about sex. Feed them even more Disney make belief stories and more Hollywood fantasy. Where people do not get sick or even go to the loo. That'll tween them for the real world out there. It has already been slowly harming us and our mutual relationships. Have we not learned anything in all these years? My dad did. He looked at my friends 16 and onwards like pieces of meat. My uncle said that she had nice breasts, and they laughed more. It felt too embarrassing.