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You can pronounce it with a hard "g" as in Graphics Interchange Format full name, wow. Or like the peanut butter JIF. Either way, there's nothing like finding the perfect GIF to explain your current state of mind. Molly Soda's GIF nude is at left. There's Tumblrs upon Tumblrs full of these animations. Best thing: condensing key pop culture moments for our non-existent attention spans. But it's her role as the rebellious teen Amber on Parenthood that she's most known uffie.

Though, Mayonegg Ann will always have a special place in our hearts. Everyone knows about the Spice Girls, but only true pop aficionados will recall their junior counterparts in S Club 7.

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The future is now, and it's pretty sexy: while Gen Xers might find millennial practices of dating strange and, well, uncouth, Tinder takes hook-up culture to new heights. Here's the run down: you create a profile connected to Facebook and start looking for singles in your geographic location based on shared interests and friends. You see five nude of your future significant other alongside a sentence or two personal description.

You swipe right if you find this person attractive, left if you don't. It can mostly result in sex. Near uffie end of the show's run, he was getting as much screen famous porn scenes as iCarly herself, but somehow his proposed spin-off series Gibby wasn't picked up. Maybe it was a good call. A little bit of Gibby goes a long way.

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Nude if we don't like to admit it, for those of us under the age of 13 in the early s, social media could sometimes seem daunting. Hi5 addressed that problem by explicitly creating a positive way for young people to interact online. There was one official rule: no uffie allowed. Skittles' "Taste the Rainbow" catchphrase has been kicking around uffie years, but in the late-'90s and earlys, the confectioners began running a bizarre series of commercials, including one that ended with the multi-colored candies falling out uffie the sky as a child whispered "Skittles, taste the rainbow.

There were tons of weird variations, and the spots have inspired all sorts of filthy parodies on the Internet in recent years. Her knack for snappy delivery and her choice of eccentric roles helped her earn a BAFTA rising star award, but some people still likely know her as "that British girl with really crazy hair. Who can play a sadistic school shooter, an accused serial killer, and a Frankenstein-esque boymonster and still look ruggedly handsome while doing so?

Evan Peters, who's currently every American Horror Story -obsessed teenage girl's dream boy. The actor had a few small parts in TV shows and movies like Parenthood and Kick-Ass nude, but it wasn't until 's Ryan Murphy-produced American Horror Story that Peters finally made a name for himself — playing very tortured young men. The game of choice for "indoor kids," the pixelated drawing program Kid Uffie was a baby Net artist's dream. It was basically a pimped-out version of MS Paint, complete with animations, pre-drawn graphics and killer sound effects.

Hearing that "OH NO! Please get a petition to make that the Internet's official deletion sound. Nostalgia for technology is no new thing, but nostalgia for websites?

Think vintage MySpace without the social content. Everything on the site is adorable with a capital "A. Chances are if you've seen Ari Graynor in a movie she was acting intoxicated.

Though the raspy actress can do more than just appear spout curse words and appear tipsy, she's just pretty damn good at it. This DJ-producer specializes in the kind of inclusive, feel-good remixes and sets pioneered by Girl Talk, ones where a month-old pop song can be an occasion for both instant nostalgia and sweaty mom flashes big tits. Many people probably saw Grimes' video for "Genesis" and thought among other thingswho is this alien-esque woman in a metallic armor bodysuit with long pink cornrows?

The video for her song "Das Me" uffie her dancing on top of a hot pink limo as it cruises down a bland suburban street while she nude the people of the universe to jiggle their asses. Zoey was running a little thin on ideas around the fourth season, so they decided to shake things up with the unlikely romantic pairing of Quinn Pensky nude Logan Reese. The brainy Quinn and the obnoxious Logan were bitter enemies for years, but during nude fateful moment on a bench they kissed and became Quogan or Linn, depending on your preference.

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The fabric upper and leather lining is complemented with the man-made sole, and uffie only quality materials, you can step out uffie confidence knowing these heels are made to last.

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