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Insert 1 or 2 fingers and use the tips of them vagina press it, massage it and rub it. All you need is a faucet that you can maneuver your vagina under so that the water can freely flow over it or a shower head that you can direct towards your vagina. Everyone that tries it reports that the running water feels wonderful and can help you get off very, very quickly. So experiment with the settings on your shower head to find xvideos nice tits what feels best.

You can see the angle that you need to make from the diagram below. Just remember that you really only need short, shallow strokes to hit your G Spot. Make sure you are careful at first as you might accidentally hit your cervix when looking for it, which pics very painful.

If you are having trouble finding it, then you may need to experiment with the angle of penetration a little bit until you find it. You can see in the illustration below that your A Spot is located much deeper in your vagina, very close to your cervix. Some women tumblr a super-sensitive clitoris. So sensitive in fact, that it can almost be painful to touch.

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Vagina you are one of these women, then you may find that using any of the masturbation techniques that have been described above to be too uncomfortable…and possibly even painful. So if you have tumblr overly sensitive clit, then try rubbing your clitoral hood instead of your clit.

As you can see, by placing your fingers above your clit and pics either side of it, then slowly pulling the skin backwards, you will pull back the clitoral hood and expose it much more. Now you can tumblr your other hand or a vibrator vagina stimulate it directly. At least try it and do your absolute best to hold out for as long as you can, making sure to always use the very least amount of pressure possible. Many women first learn xtimevod com masturbate through humping or grinding on their pillow.

Here are dirty old grannies few different ways to do it. Vibrators can give you the most intense orgasms…but beware they can end up making your clit feel a little sore if you use them too much. If you pics using a vibrator to masturbate play around with it and see what gives you the most pleasure. Posts Likes Archive.

How to relax? Sape nk urut? Female Masturbation. Classic 4 Finger Masturbation This is probably the most used technique. U Spot Not many people seem to know about the U Spot. Love That Shower Head!

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In Da Hood Some women have a super-sensitive clitoris. If you have a long pillow like the one above, you can lie down on your side with it between your legs.

Then grip it between your legs and pull it backwards so that it is against your labia and clit. Then just start grinding. Or fold it in half and straddle it, whichever works best for you. Then rest your weight right down on it. Then simply move your vagina up and down the pillow and ride it to orgasm! Another great way to provide even more pressure and stimulation to your vagina when pleasuring yourself is to cover your pillow tightly with a towel before you start masturbating with it.

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