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Thank You Aang for all your hard work. Model not sure most people understand the importance of your work. You are exposing a network of very wealthy individuals who not only fund these insidious projects but disseminate this material to real nude pics of famous women masses creating an overwhelming demand, creating more abuse to fuel this consumer demand, spreading this boy prepubescent lust mohanlal nude sex video the world INFECTING the masses.

I was one of those fools desensitized by the workers of LS, provided images of children that looked like nude were having fun, desensitized and normalized, I became a perpetrator of a sex crime against a minor. There's a thin line between personal vladik and the intentional nurturing by society of the evils that await. I have accepted that responsibility, served my time, and have taken the steps to reinforce the fact that I can no longer hurt another living human being.

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But there has always been something nagging within me that needed to find another part of the truth. Yes, I was abused at a model age and most often the abused becomes the abuser, along with pornography at a young age Boy was a prime candidate for becoming an abuser, but there also has to be outside influences that cajoled my inner demons into believing those urges were legitimate and could be acted upon. LS Land is one of those triggers. Coming to find out that they were most likely helped and financed by a few of the big guys completes many pictures and scenarios that all lead up to the desensitization and demoralization of society at large.

This insidious evil must be stopped. A great list of mobsters indeed Every communist leader had a dacha here, as Lenin who met his male partner here. Before, it was the tzarist nobility that went there on holiday. Silvija Germek - You mention Charleroi, Belgium. Look km from there to Chateau des Amerois. There have been persistent rumors that this castle serves for human sacrifice for the elites. Eyes Wide Shut in Belgium.

It takes deep research but these stories seem to have legs. Look yui hantano this castle and the elite pedo connection. It was built by the creepy ancestors of Prince Phillip. Boy this: I have been wondering for some time how long it was before the name David Hamilton popped up on your radar. I have a copy of his 'Dreams of young girls' and find it goes far beyond my personal comfort zone of collectable smut.

Hamilton's work is at best toss-fodder and at worst a soft-focus invitation to abuse.

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There's nothing wrong with smut by the way: Page 3 isn't smut it's just degradinga certain OZ issue wasn't smut, whereas Viz probably is. It's a hazy hinterland but kids are sacred, no, in fact they are are actually truly Sacred.

Kudos to the folks at aangirfan, and to S. Germek, for your work on this topic and this event.

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SG has a thread going at Wayne Madsen Reports. Couldn't help but wonder about the timing of an old SVU episode on USAToday on the model theme which also disclosed something to me personally. By the way, I found that old photo of me in the chef's toque, soon to appear, along with a photo of the suspected model Some people were clearly shirking their parental responsibilities under the guise of being responsible for familial development.

No 10 rejects call to lower age of consent Faculty of Public Health president said lowering age to 15 could 'draw a line in the sand' against sex vladik 14 or younger http: Aangirfan - Here are more pics by Sally Mann, the woman who took all those creepy black and white nude pics of her kids.

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The other thing she photographed - decaying corpses. Necrophilia and pedophilia are both common in the occult. We need to search for more signs of it in this woman. She is a darling of NED and Guggenheim which means high establishment. Silvija Germek - Can you open vladik doc? If not, the link is inside of this link also right under the pic of Vladik on the bicycle: There is a lot of detail in the enclosed texts.

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Vladik was abused by a man named Zverozub, his main handler, girl puts tits in wine glass photographer. Zverozub is a university professor in the Ukraine and scout leader. Taking children wilderness camping is a very popular cover for pedo porn filming on the US west coast also, BTW. Russian news confirms it was porn and describes the operation in Crimea: Detailed description of vladik scenes Vladik Shibanov copulating with an inflatable doll on porn movie.

Also translation of sound tracks from AZOV - see below. Canada let priest Eric Dejaeger flee to Belgium amid sex abuse charges: Official http: Sofia Smallstorm Unraveling Sandy Hook http: Jews at work as usual! Jews have a strong hand in the bank system. Any transaction is monitored by the Mossad. Money laundering boy all controlled by Jews. If they don't profit from all this filthy business, they will let the "truth" out. Aang - top priority: Islam in Russia has had a long presence, extending at least as far back as the conquest of the Khanate of Kazan inwhich nude the Tatars and Bashkirs on the Middle Volga into Russia.

The Taliban or the collapse of the Soviet empire? Some stirred-up Muslims or the liberation of Central Europe and the end of nude cold war? As always, exceptional work, Aang. I was surprised but then again not how subtly a sexual aspect was added to that short film of the lad Julian undressing and playing his harmonica.

What was the strip show for? It did nothing to enhance the movie but everything to titillate a pedo. We see that teasing sexuality everywhere if we study high fashion modelling imagery. Do you remember this one? People thought I had sensationalized the whole thing.

It is so darn real During their young years around 5 or so in both cases at public functions I was approached and given a card and offers of modelling etc etc In both cases I smelled a rat when following up with an appointment.

I was totally naive about the things we now discuss regarding pedophilia but my spidey sense was in full mode both times. As European visitors to Artek we were rushed through customs teens film clips flat chested nude no pics any of the tedious nude searches normally encountered when visiting the USSR.