Which sonic girl would date you

Do you like that girl who chases you like amy, that wild and confident girl like rouge,maybe the sweet and innocent girl like cream,the mysterious quiet girls like blaze or the crazy funny girls like sticks.

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Remember to rate this quiz on the next page! What's your favorite hobby? What your favorite film? Hair colour? Where would you go on a date? Theme park.

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Favorite animal? Whats your favorite game? She talks a little too much, and has a rude side. She always follows me around, which is a little cute, but gets obnoxious after a while. Sometimes she annoys me by saying random things compulsively. We went to the arcade and beat people in every kind of game imaginable! We sat around in her room and listened to some of her favorite music. She took me to her house to meet her family.

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We went out for a walk in a meadow. We told ghost stories all night! We saw a movie together. We hung out in her garage and built some things. We kind of just sat on her porch and stared at eachother. We went to an amusement park and rode a whole bunch of rides! Doesn't worry about me. She knows that I can take care of myself.

Calls me compulsively. Doesn't say anything, but asks me a whole lot of questions about it when I get back. Emails me a lot.

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Gives me a parting gift before I go, and doesn't contact me again until I get back. Holds on to all my schoolwork, and helps me with it when I get back. Sobs and waits for me to return. Well, good luck on trying to convince her. She's as stubborn as she is a hopeless romantic.

Which Female Sonic Character Are You?

Try traditional dating tactics, like roses, chocolate, or ASMR. Shadow the Hedgehog. McEdgeBoy Extraordinaire. Interestingly enough, he's into shy girls and torture, but absolutely not torturing shy girls.

Be ready to be a potential counselor for any bouts of PTSD. Silver the Hedgehog.

What Sonic Girl Would You Date - ProProfs Quiz

If Sonic's the cool guy and Shadow's the cooler guy, Silver is absolutely not "cool". If you like nerds, he's probably cute, though. He's got a bit of a black-and-white view on the world, ironically not gray. So yeah, he's got a hopeless romantic streak as well.

Quiz - Which Sonic girl would you date? - celebrity-insider.info

He needs someone more practical-minded to balance him, like you. Also addicted to asking questions he doesn't want the answers to, such as, "Does this suit make me look fat? There done can I leave?

Alright boys mine turn to ask!

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Lord have mercy. What couples Halloween outfit would you wear with your partner? What sport would you play if you could? I love colors like tan and orange! Orange or green. Black, or maybe red? Or possibly even pink I'd love to have a gigantic hammer! Do Chaos count as weapons.? I dislike violence Fire abilities. I'm fine with simple kicking! What is your favorite Sonic the Hedgehog game?