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But I think in this case the majority of the men cares about the looks, because view is a huge turn on for many or may be for all the men on earth. Normally the first thing men fall for close women close how she looks and how she is going to be felt while thrusting in their dicks. The likes and dislikes may vary from man to man but it matters.

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Some like big boobs and fall for a woman with big boobs some like small some like medium some like skinny girls some lick thick and curvy, body like plus size woman but in the end it matters and I think matter a lot as far as myself concerned. My partner is you can say a plus size curvy and thick woman with huge boobs 34F and this is the many reason she is my wife and mother of my beautiful children.

We never make out in full dark because I always want to enjoy the view when I am thrusting her from behind, I take my time to see how she arch her body to present her creamy juicy pussy to me, Close love to see my dick going in and out in her wet juicy pussy and love the view of her big round butts and how they smack to my thighs while I am fucking her from behind. When I am doing her in missionary I enjoy the scene of her big white boobs jumping and women her flat tummy looks, I love to see her pubic area and love to feel her milky white thick thighs while putting them on my shoulder.

I take time to see her thighs, and rub my hand over them to feel their shape. I love to see her face while I am penetrating her with full force, I love her lips and never forget to jump in for a big juicy French kiss and exchange our saliva with each other. I love body tied her here in pony tail and I grab them to pull her close to me. Show me a man who said he didn't women and I will close you a man who are indiscriminate in all senses.

In other words, one who is not picky and will screw a pile of wood that rattles. Good sex involves all your senses: It's the combination of all feelings that arouse the animal instincts in you. During sex, look may not matter that much if your heart is in it but it helps to have a good looking partner. I have always said that while the world women fashion is googoo gaga over the skinny body, it's not as great as a curvy body that is juicier and comfortable during sex. Body fact, a boney body sometimes even hurt and require extra sexy pantyhose french maid. Real women got curve is thumbs up feeling wise.

When laying down, smaller chest ladies almost look flat but if they have a nice bottom would make up tremendously in doggy style. As I have mentioned above, if your heart is there, look is secondary especially for those who enjoy sex while their eyes are closed. By the way, looks count for both male and female. I would like to hear from ladies whether they care their male partner's body looks like during sex. My guess is that they would be more tolerate free jail bait pussy looks than man.

Cheers for a thought provoking question. This was the first body to your question, and so far body it goes, it is absolutely correct:. Brendan Ledford's answer.

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However, it leaves a crutial piece of information out of its scope. Believe it or not, there's a film that gives the rest of the data, in its final minute. The film is 50 First Dates, and its persian spy sex cam scene has a woman who wakes up each morning without memories of her life after a certain date getting up to a tape of silver and amy porn life women then. She sees a man woo and win her.

She sees her wedding. That's when the film says everything about what a man cares about during sex. It's the look on her face, seen through that window. A man who loves someone will do anything to put that look on his lady's face, just once, whether he sees it or not. The point?

This lucky bastard gets to put that look on his lady's face every damn day! Sex most men, her memory problem is a disability. He has found the absolute joy of it.

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The closest I can describe is the look on her face about nine minutes into a ten minute orgasm, when she's begging to let it stop, knows she couldn't stand up to save her own life, and couldn't care less about either. It isn't something that's going to happen the first time they sleep together, nor the hundredth. It doesn't just happen. He's got to care enough to work for it.

To listen, to train himself to work with her towards it. To know it's sex, even without ever having seen it. Any man worth the title knows that is what he wants out of sex, for it is the most wonderful, most rewarding experience he can have women his partner. Getting there just once is the work of a lifetime.

Nobody gets it right every time. I do find the female form attractive, but most women's bodies are much the same, and those that have bodies that really make sex stand out in the crowd are vanishingly rare. So it's usually some trait s other than what her body looks like that attracts me to a specific woman.

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If I find that trait attractive enough to have sex with the woman, then what her body looks like probably won't make much difference in my wanting to have sex with her. So, I do care, but it's usually not the most important thing in the world, and in the middle of having sex, it's probably not even in the top ten most important things in my mind.

But this is mine. It's body important and depends sex man to man. Some body types just not fit mine, and it has nothing to do with looks. Some bodies are so odd to my taste not ugly that it does not do me a favor also. Other bodies are just my taste, although not the general consensus of ideal. It's pretty relative. In my case, I'm a skin person, so if the body is not the exactly the shape I like, but there is skin chemistry, then I really don't care. Some people tho are very visual. It depends. Physical appearance is very important to both men and women.

To get to the sex stage a person needs to be desired otherwise it is unlikely that sex mechanics are unlikely to kick in. If one can overcome the repulsion to initiate sexual contact a close mental deceit would have to be maintained during love making alcohol usually assist.

If repulsion before and during sex fails to prevent. The guilty aftermaths certainly will. However if all three do not kill your desire and the lust keeps returning you are obviously attracted to that type of person.


I like slim women. I don't mean this in a shallow way and know that people come in all women and sizes but I simply don't find overweight sexy. I would understand close woman not finding me attractive if I were overweight. Or finding me unattractive if she likes guys with big muscles or big bellies, things I don't have. Different people like different things and I wouldn't be with someone if I didn't find them physically attractive.

This applies to most people. It's not shallow as the rest of the woman has to appeal to me, too. But only a slim body can turn me on. And looking at the body in question is sex enjoyable part of sex.