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Please report the spammer via the button on the user's profile page or via the button in the comments.

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I see my copyrighted content on xHamster, how can it xhamster removed? Xhamster see a movie with me uploaded on xHamster, how can it be removed? I see illegal xhamster rape, zoo, cp on xHamster, how can it be removed? Please send us a request with subject "Report Inappropriate Content" and the direct link to the movie or picture for example http: Someone is sending spam through Cam Chat Rooms. Please report the spammer via the button in the user moblie. How can I check comments and what does the Comment counter on my Profile page indicate?

The Comment counter displays the amount of comments YOU left on xHamster pages like, for videos, in user profiles, etc. How can I recover my username? Use http: I have an exciting idea for xHamster. Please send us a request with subject "Feedback", using this link. Yes, xHamster. What are Favorites? By clicking Favorite, videos and photos are automatically saved and stored for YOU to have easy access to them in the future.

There is an option to restore the account. How is rank calculated? Rank is based on the xhamster of posted comments as moblie Can I download videos?

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Yes, all public videos moblie be downloaded for free! How can I recover my password? I forgot my username, how can I recover it? Can I change my username? No, if you wish to use another username, you must create searchteen pussy pics hard core new account with a different email address.

A video from my favorites has been deleted. How can I block a user from sending me moblie and commenting?

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How can I unblock a user? Please use the following link. What is the maximum amount of friends allowed? What is the maximum amount of subscriptions allowed? How can I delete my moblie Log into your account, then go to Editclick Delete account at the bottom of the page.

If you feel like, tell us the reason, then enter your password. Now all you have to do is click Delete beautiful world porn site. How can I get rid of pop-ups on this site? By creating a regular user account, which is absolutely free. Follow this link http: What's wrong? You need to verify your email address to moblie able to comment.

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To verify, please follow this link: How can I watch videos? We recommend you download and install the latest Flash Plugin Version, and then restart your browser.

When it comes to browsers, we recommend to use Google Chrome.

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Please check if you have any ad blocker or ref blocker xhamster or extensions xhamster, as those can potentially block our video player. If you encounter ANY problems, please reboot your computer. If this doesn't help, please make a screenshot of your browser example: After that please send us a report with subject "Video Player Problems" using the following link: Please check out our mobile version: The movie keeps buffering while I'm watching.

This may be due to your Internet connection speed or due to a server overload on our side. We are constantly working to keep our servers up to speed.

My country has blocked xHamster, how can I watch my favorite site? Please read this article How to unblock xHamster. I can't log in. It is possible that your account has been closed in this case you can see status "inactive" on its page or if you have disabled cookies. In this case you need to enable cookies in your browser, also please doublecheck your password. You can restore your password here: How do I enable cookies?