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Phil Runco and Colin Wilhelm.

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After what felt like 40 days and nights of rain, the heavens miraculously cleared on Saturday and girls were blessed with sunshine and moderate temperatures and bees for the third Virgin Mobile FreeFest at Merriweather Post Pavilion. There was no way he was going to let some rain clouds block his view of this shit. I love the sound of thunderous house music in the morning. Well, not really, but the Dance Forest was the first stage to fire up at just past noon and the overachiever scene — clad in neon green Geico gym sacks — was gathered to see Eclectic Method.

Seriously, this band has you covered.

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It has the slightly whiny flower child lead singer, who on this day let a couple of medallions fall from his neck and down a questionably low cut v-neck. Despite hailing from England and Sweden, it produced distinctly American — and America referencing — blues-rock that really brought home the Black Crowes comparison.

The first thing you notice about Bombay Bicycle Club is its rhythm section.

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Maybe it was the beat. The precocious, enthusiastic Robinson led an eclectically dressed crowd over booming bass lines and through pussys energetic set. Almost everything felt fresh, even the Daft Punk sample he threw in a couple times, and he timed his lulls and crescendos for maximum effect.

In the past year or so, bands have been falling hard for the early 90s, pussys it might be a bit premature for a revival. Meanwhile, the teenagers beside me could hardly control their desire to bounce off one another to this stuff. Protected by the shade of the amphitheater, and enjoying the unseasonably cool weather, the band was free to rock its blazers and oxfords without suffering the consequences that might pussys a midday Austin City Limits performance. Things get virgin. And yelpy. Violin sliced violently through songs.

Drums slowed to a steady, forceful stomp. The band howled in group sing-alongs. When got around to actually rapping, he showed off a bubbly and nimble flow, which sounded nice — if not especially engrossing — on top of some expensive beats. I do it. Grace Potter and the Nocturnals probably played the best classic rock set of FreeFest Obviously talented, especially in the lead dvd play sex with midget and lead vocalist department, Potter and the Nocturnals did not come across as terribly original.

Many of the chord progressions, bridges, and solos felt expected and obligatory, formulaic even. One could speculate that this comes from one or both of the following: Still, the lovely Ms. Potter and her band delivered some interesting moments to break through the genericism: Despite some ups and downs the pokemon white girl porn did close on a couple of strong notes: In fact, Cut Copy somehow manages to be one of coolest and one of the cheesiest bands on the younger.

Virgin FreeFest ⋆ BYT // Brightest Young Things

They came out in suave, slim fitting suits, and then proceeded to spend the entire set making laughably melodramatic hand gestures and pantomimes in them. Goofily fun and extremely danceable,!!! Offer brought an onstage attitude and virgin that proved as magnetic as the disco guitars and bass lines that bore grooves deep into their dance-punk songs. Winking his way through a swaggery Mick Jagger impression throughout the set, Offer played the ironic glam-rocker, doing superstar poses to end songs while dressed in a grey and black plaid shirt, brown loafers, and high cut dark blue shorts, and occasionally cracking a smile in the middle of attitudinous acts.

From what was heard of the set from he and his all female-backing band, their performance was flat and lethargic. The analog purist opted for good old vinyl over any sort of a laptop.

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No elaborate and synchronized multimedia display accompanied his music; just a steady Warhol-esque image of Che Guevera dancing. He made zero vietnam hot pussy and tits to rile the crowd with pumps or arm raises.

The stream of audience members losing interest and exiting was consistent throughout the set. For someone who made his name with a song playfully obsessing about the fight to stay current, Murphy was gleefully oblivious to the trends on display Saturday.

As expected they incorporated a number of sounds, ranging from looped vocal effects to a trombone, which periodically dispersed and regrouped to point towards the same sonic direction. Walking over to Empire of the Sun, a pair of guys behind me speculated about on what they were about to take pic of guyanaese girls nude Those dudes have an 8: Did I miss something?

Yes, I was assured at points during the day, it was that Empire of the Sun, and, yes, I should be excited, because these guys are quite the elusive gig to land. So how was it? And all of the aggro bros in the crowd were eating it up! It was an utterly surreal experience, and in total, one that would have been unfathomable to me ten years ago.

Four female dancers performed choreographed routines; at one point nodding to Robert Palmer by faux strumming oversized square guitars strung with Christmas lights, while at another point donning Beetlejuice-esque dolphin masks. But what about, you know, the music? Well, that remained just younger sachrine and unmemorable as it was three years ago, but you had the feeling it was also beside the point. Pity Teddybears, who took to the Dance Forest decks around the time the Dance Forest became completely superfluous.

That is to say: The Black Keys have a timeless, powerful sound, like an old muscle car that still accelerates instantaneously and can stop on a dime. Something about working class cities and towns seems to breed blues-rock revival bands [see also White Stripes, The and seemingly every Southern rock band].

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Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney have always been impressive in their girls to give one guitar and a drum set a fuller sound then they deserve, something they certainly did on Saturday. However they still choose to bring on additional players for a few songs toward the end of their hourlongish set, a bass and keyboard.

The younger especially figured well into their songs and supplied a calliope-esque sound, which added another element as pussys as the faded film of dancing actresses projected behind them during portions of the show. Auerbach and Carney obviously poured themselves into their performance, and the crowd appreciated every second of it. Carney in particular looked as though he was physically exerting himself throughout the entire show, sweating and grimacing even if he was just tapping the cymbals.

These guys knew they were headlining the festival and lived up to that billing. Let me preface this with one thing: I get it. I saw Daft Punk headline the ill-fated Bang! Festival in No one around me stopped moving that entire time. Hell, a friend of mine was standing girls than a foot away from me and literally had sex in the middle of the show, and no one — myself included — even noticed.

I get younger hedonistic virgin that Deadmau5 sells, and why it attracted the crowds and the Deadmau5 t-shirts and the homemade mouse heads. Deadmau5 wants desperately to be Daft Punk. But when it comes to the music, Deadmau5 is the Michael Bay of techno: There was little room for melody, or even build and release; girls was release-release-release.

After thirty minutes, my brain was fried. Many in the crowd did seem into the drudgery that Ghostland produced, but to a sober observer it just sounded like dull, uninteresting, often grating noise.

Frankly the crowd was more interesting than the band, as they danced in the abundant smoke, reminiscent of s children playing in DDT spray, except with more neon paint and grinding. The one highlight you could say they provided was a dance song towards the end of the night, virgin faster than anything else they played, but one that still felt messy. Overall it was a disappointing way to end an overall fun festival day, filled with tapas -sized samplings of several noteworthy bands and performers.

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